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 being pregnant i have weird dreams none of which i feel mean anything....

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Female Leo Snake
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PostSubject: being pregnant i have weird dreams none of which i feel mean anything....   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:12 pm

i dont have that many preminitions anymore due to being pregnant but why the wierd dreams that have no meaning?

so i keep having a dream of me having a boy but i feel it's a girl , is it true it's the oposite?

Also i dreamt my fiance left me for a GUY eww i dont know what that would mean.

I dont have fears of us breaking up but that was just not a reasonable dream to me can anyone explain?
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PostSubject: Re: being pregnant i have weird dreams none of which i feel mean anything....   Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:44 am

pregnancy reduces the depth of your sleep, shallow sleep means less meaning to the dreams but more recall of the dreams. it can also cause visions or day dreams while awake.
dreams will often vent the negative, they will show you what will not be experienced in the waking world. this may account for the opposite baby gender effect.
a lot of the chiids life long personality is determined by the fathers actions and attitudes while the child is in the womb. your unborn may be venting it's fears and phobias just as you are with the gender. this would be the dreams about dad not being around. and may give clues to your childs introvert/extrovert attitude later in life. work out how far into the pregnancy it was before those dreams started and you will know how far into life before the personality takes on that trait.
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being pregnant i have weird dreams none of which i feel mean anything....
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