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 I'm not one to do this but it was weird and scary ...

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Female Scorpio Snake
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Age : 29

PostSubject: I'm not one to do this but it was weird and scary ...   Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:53 am

Right there was this little baby girl she is my niece and she got sent to me in like a container thing but she had no arms and she had been tortured but was alive and healty apart from loss of limbs.
So I picked her up was looking after her then a guy who I know who is a friend of one of my ex's tried to take the little girl off me and kill her so I spent this whole dream running away with the girl to save her until it got to a point where I stood up to him and well after a brutal beating he was down but then a day later I walked into this building like a hangout and he was there and I asked to speak to him and said we needed to end it she was innocent and he said sorry it wouldn't happen again then he chased me and the little girl out of the building then well I stabbed him :S

That's pretty much the whole dream sorry there's quite alot to read but I think it may just be me beign worried about threats to my little one but like it was scary and I'd like to know peoples opinions, as I now can't sleep Sad
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Female Leo Rat
Number of posts : 534
Birthday : 1984-08-06
Age : 34
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: I'm not one to do this but it was weird and scary ...   Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:51 am

Hey Zaa

Well thought I'd take a stab and let you know what I see in this dream.

The little girl, right off the bat, it feels to me like the love of a mother, that no matter what happens to this little girl you're going to accept her for who she is, and love her just the same. You don't care what's wrong with her, if anything is wrong with her, and you'll be there for her always.

The second part is the friendship issue, it also seems that against all odds, no matter what those from your past think, you're not going to allow her to be influenced by them, and you'll fight against those who want to try and be a part of your life just to feel as though they're close to the child. This may have nothing to do with the friend of the ex, but if you have friends around that seem superficial or fake, it shows that you're not going to let those people have a hand in influencing your daughter just so they can feel good about themselves, by living vicariously through you.

I guess I'm just looking at it from a protective stand point, I doubt there will be any threats to the child, but you're coming into your own, you're having these dreams because you're "nesting" into motherhood.


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I'm not one to do this but it was weird and scary ...
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