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 Tree of Life Meditation

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PostSubject: Tree of Life Meditation   Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:26 pm

Tree of Life

1) Prepare yourself for your meditation by taking a few moments to find a quiet place, light incense or candles, find some relaxing music, and to do some breathing exercises. Once you feel yourself in a relaxed and almost trance like state follow to the next step on this journey.

2) Once in a meditative state, your mind focused and your body relaxed, imagine that you are in a deep forest, it is a thick forest. It’s dark in front of you, aside from the rays of sunlight just pressing through the canopy of the trees. You follow the sparkle of the faint lights in front of you, ever so winding down through the path of the forest. Your goal is to reach to and engage in conversation with the great tree of life. The land becomes darker, and you feel the earth shifting again. You have been walking for hours, the sun’s rays begin to dim, and you can feel the sunset.

3) As you walk on, you can hear the rushing waters of a stream or river just ahead. You quickly run towards the landscape, and upon turning the corners of the winding path there you find it, a thin snake of a stream, the flowing waters make loud noises in the silence of the night, the noise not like a rushing river, but softer and gentler. You feel the spirit of the waters calling to you, and you ask your question, “Am I close to the tree of life?” The stream answers in a poetic voice to you, the tree of life, its roots run into this stream, its underground parts. Hearing your answer you feel relieved, and decide to continue, your stride just barely manages to reach to the other side of the stream, and soon you enter into the ever darkening forests once again.

4) Night falls, you can hear the sounds of crickets in the dead of night, the hoot of an owl alarms you, as you look up to one of the trees, you see the owl perched on the branch way up high, looking as though to be a guardian of the night. You continue on, ever in search of the tree.

5) In front of you, the path now opens, and you can feel the largest portrudement of the tree’s stump. It’s almost as big as the leg of a horse! You almost stumble over it, but grasp it with your hands, feeling instantly the energy within the tree. You follow the path of the root until you come up against the sweet trunk of the tree itself. It’s large, almost five feet in diameter, and its bark is rough and ragged. The branches and leaves that hang over the tree almost make it look like a mushroom, hanging some twenty feet away from the tree. You breathe as you feel the energy of the tree now. You place your hand upon the bark of the tree, and feeling the energy within, decide you will sit down for awhile, and rest yourself. There you rest your back up against the tree and once positioned, you can feel as though your cauldrons are lining up with the tree. The cauldron of warming activates in your belly, and then your cauldron of vocation awakens in your heart. You feel a flutter of emotion and poetry as this happens, as though the tree’s words will flow through you. Finally, you feel the cauldron of wisdom opening up in the head, and the tree’s first words are heard by you.

6) You ask the only questions that are held within your mind at this point. “Are you the tree of life?” and the tree responds yes. You then ask the tree, “What is my purpose?” and the tree pauses for a second, and then gives you an answer that only you can receive. From here you stay with the tree for what seems like hours, conversing back and forth about the earth, the universe. You feel a kinship with the tree, and when you are ready, you magickally feel yourself back on the soil at the beginning of the path, within you the wisdoms the tree departed, and as you slowly breath and feel the world around you coming back to your vision, the forest around you fades, and all you see now is your home, the place where you are meditating, and you open your eyes slowly to the world around you.

Write down your findings here!


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Tree of Life Meditation
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