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 help with meditation

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Female Cancer Rat
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PostSubject: help with meditation   Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:19 pm

i tried doing it in a very quite room with no one around and i cant get it to work? What am i suppose to feel or whats suppose to happen? Thanks~Heather
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Male Aries Tiger
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PostSubject: Re: help with meditation   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:54 pm

i have a question about meditation, i tried it once and i met what i think is my anima..but im not sure, i was in a pine forest/wood and my anima appeared as a ghostly spirit, i ran from her and she chased/followed me, when she was in human form, she was a lot like my dream woman...accept her personality was all wrong,

we kissed, cuddled, we talked, she had great dress sense but when she said she'd do a certain action to a certain person who needs a wake up call, i kissed her and got really, really offended an angry about it, she then told me "to grow up" and then she left

on the second meditation attempt, i found her again, same place as before, i apologised, she smiled, we talked, cuddled and kissed some more, she read and felt like a proper person, skin, body temperature,etc but she made several jokes where were offencive, rude and very distasteful, every time she made a joke like that she said "its only a joke" when quite clearly, they wern't, thats why i describe her as having " a wrong personality" and if i am actually meditating wrong?

after that we (myself and what i thought was my soulmate) went to "her mind" which was a beach, with ocean,etc she seemed to get very cross with me as we chatted again so i left again but seemed to get stuck half way between my imagenary world and hers, there was what looked like a huge voice with a very large gasious or ghostly twilight blue sphere in the background, there was no gravity so i have to drift for a bit while i lined up with a portal to take me back to my own world...

what is going on? does my anima/subconcious mind hate me?..my concious mind hates me so it only stands to reason...i really dont think that the blonde woman is my anima because both aspects of her personaity posative and negative are totally wrong from what i want from a woman...am i going mad?
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PostSubject: Re: help with meditation   Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:46 pm

Hi there Heather,

Meditation is not an easy thing to get into and it does take time and practise. I have written many guided meditations but to be honest I think it took me a good few months to even learn to clear my mind to get to a place where I could even follow guided meditations...this will come to you just keep at it. I will post somethings to help you along. Remember that you need to be comfortable...we live in the west here and are not used to sitting cross legged etc...I suggest to start just sit comfortable or lie down. We al have to learn to stand before we can walk if you get what I am saying.

If you are thinking about
meditation there might be many different motives or reasons as to why
you are considering doing it. Maybe it's stress relief, maybe it's
changing your life situation, maybe it's overcomming an illness through
the power of your mind, maybe it's being able to reach goals more
easily, more rapidly. Whatever it is your looking for a new experience,
and the beauty about meditation is that it happens at the level of your
mind and beyond. It moves into the level of your spirit which is
boundless. So your ability to find new experiences through meditation
is in itself boundless.

The people who meditate regularly will know that those experiences that
you use, that meditation creates actually manifests in the physical
world. That you can meditate certain things using certain mental
processes and you will see amazing things happen, even things that you
would consider miraculous happen, in the physical, hard concrete four
dimentional plane that we live on.

For beginners who are just thinking about meditation, you need to
challenge your belief structure, ask questions about religion and about
things you were taught to believe your ability to judge right from
wrong, left and right, up and down and also the five elements.

So not only will you break down some of the walls in your mind but you
will also expand the perimeter of how your mind works. So after all
this preparation you will be ready to start to learn basic meditation.

The first basic meditation I want to share with you is a meditation of
being 'God', and when I say god I mean the object of person who sits up
on the throne and see's everything happen and let's everything happen.
So your going to put yourself in the perspective, your going to give
yourself the opportunity to see things from the eyes of 'God'. ( This
is only a way of explaining this and not meant to offend religion in
any way). Objectivity.

You don't have to get into any specific posture all you need to do is
sit for three minutes, just three minutes, and decide not to have any
thoughts what so ever. Just choose to let your mind idle in neutral,
park and shut off the engine, and just relax. Your mind once paused
should become instead of like a running stream, a quiet pond or a
meadow. Just reach the meadow state.

Before you read on please take three minutes to do this and then you will understand what I am going to write about next.

Now that you have done this for three minutes what did you notice in that time?

The more you tried to pause your thoughts, tried to still the waters of
your mind what ended up happening? Did you notice yourself actually
being taken along by the current of your own thoughts, where a certain
thought comes up and for 20 - 30 seconds without you even noticing that
your being swept along by the current, you've lost control of your own
mind. You start thinking about, day dreaming about somthing, and all of
a sudden you are imersed in that concept, you are ducked head first
into that concept and it takes you along the river of where ever that
thought goes.Whether it's stress, trouble, something at work or
something in your family life. You start thinking about it, chewing on
it, and then you realise....That's not what I was planning on doing for
the last three minutes. So you back up and try again, and you get swept
along by the current of your mind again.

Did you notice that?

What does that mean exactly?

It can only mean one of two things, that either you have no control
over your own thoughts, your own mind which is a scary concept, or if
you do have control of your thoughts and you were able to quench your
thoughts but thoughts kept comming up, then the only option or
alternative conclusion is that they wern't your thoughts, either way
your in trouble. If you can't control your mind and the other option,
you have thoughts running around in your mind that arn't yours - You
have a problem because you are making decisions and acting on, you are
living your life based on these thoughts that:

1. You can't control.
2. That don't even belong to you.

So whos life is being lived now? Whos life is this
that your living? Do you want to recapture your life? Do you see a
tragedy in living a life that isn't yours or that isn't under your own
direction? Living a life where you are a victim of your own thoughts?

Well we all have been there and have been brainwashed for so many years
as to how our life should be etc and we have forgotten that it's ours
to take back and gain control again.

This is where the Power of Meditation will help you achieve this.

Practise turning the Stream into the Pond!

Love and Light

Lou xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: help with meditation   

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help with meditation
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