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 an artical i found on different types of meditation

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PostSubject: an artical i found on different types of meditation   Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:36 pm

There are several different types of meditation to choose from, and the type that an individual ultimately chooses at any given time will be determined by the specific goal of the meditation session.

Basic Meditation

Find a quiet, comfortable place and get rid of distractions such as telephones, televisions, radios, and roommates. If necessary, let your family members know not to disturb you, and have your spouse take care of the children or do it before they rise. Determine a length of time for your meditation; it may be helpful to set an alarm clock to keep you from having to watch the time as you meditate. Strike a comfortable sitting position that you can hold for the length of time you’ve chosen for your meditation, and select a focus word to use during the process. Examples of focus words include “love,” “peace,” “Om,” or “God.” It can be anything you want to concentrate on such as a spiritual or emotional concept. Relax your body as you breathe in and out slowly, letting go of any pent-up tension in the face, head, neck, limbs, or back. Continue to breathe deeply in and out as you repeat your chosen focus word with each exhale. Don’t be too hard on yourself; if other thoughts enter your mind, simply return your attention to your focus word. After about 10 or 20 minutes, finish by sitting quietly for a moment to reflect on how you feel.
Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a great way to cultivate awareness of sensation and experience. As you walk, concentrate on the sensations of walking as they are happening. Think about what it feels like as the foot strikes the ground, the weight shifts to the forward leg, and the thigh muscles pull the other leg forward for another step. Look at the ground ahead of you as you travel forward, focusing on every single movement as it’s being made. If you get distracted by something else in the environment, simply refocus your attention on the feeling of walking.

Mindfulness Meditation

The goal of mindfulness meditation is to cultivate a keen awareness of what is happening in the present moment without placing subjective judgments on the events as they are unfolding. Mindfulness meditation seeks to turn off the emotions we feel in relation to any given situation and simply be in the moment. It can be practiced at any point during the day simply by turning one’s attention to every sensation happening at the present moment and trying to become deeply aware of every aspect of the event. An example would be eating a banana and focusing first on what the banana looks like, smells like, feels like in the hand, and then moving on to experience each phase of eating the banana such as what it feels like on the lips, the tongue, to chew, and to swallow.
Imagery Meditation

Imagery meditation
is a simple form of meditation that works well for those who do not want to choose a focus word as in basic meditation. Instead, the person who is meditating thinks of a physical destination where they feel at peace. Examples include the woods, a beach, or the top of a mountain. After striking the comfortable sitting position in a quiet place, breathe deeply and slowly with the eyes closed while recreating the chosen destination in your mind. Imagine all the details around you, focusing on feeling as if you’re actually there. Stay there for 5 to fifteen minutes, open your eyes, and think about how you feel at the end of your journey.
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an artical i found on different types of meditation
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