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 Beginner Psychic Development

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PostSubject: Beginner Psychic Development   Beginner Psychic Development EmptyFri Jan 16, 2009 12:51 pm

The Basics

I feel like Iíve been writing about the basics for years now, I teach the basics in my courses and didnít find it necessary to put in this book, but here are the basics to every psychic reading. These fall under the practices and protections one needs when performing a psychic reading.

The first step to awakening any sort of ability is trust and confidence. These two elements will help further development more so than anything else. Fear, doubt, stress, anger, worry, block off psychic ability where as trust, confidence, self love, patience, honor and respect will allow the mind to open causing the abilities to flow through naturally and without blocks. Psychics have writers block too, itís called stress.
The psychic must be fully ready to engage in metaphysical communication. This includes months of meditative training as the blocks do not go away easily in the beginning. Daily meditation and concentration on the chakra system is one of the most important elements to awakening ability. During these meditations exercises are present that again, allow the psychic to move forward in their development. These simple elements include grounding, shielding, cleansing, centering and balancing.

The most important exercise is grounding. Grounding is a term used to describe our energetic connection to the Earth. Each person born on Earth has a tiny strand of energy that attaches itself to the core of the Earth. As people grow up and as their minds are influenced by society, they gradually loose connection with this link. It becomes worn, frayed, faint and sometimes the link breaks altogether and they find themselves feeling like strangers on their own planet. The importance of grounding however is massive. Humans can hold only so much energy within their body, energy is like information, it is constantly traveling and there are many different types of energy moving along many different frequencies. Most metaphysical counselors will refer to the frequencies as ďvibrationsĒ and we will get to that later on. The fact is that because humans can only hold so much within themselves, they need to connect to a higher source. The Earth is the most common body of massive energy; therefore, to gain the strength and energy needed to perform a detailed reading, one had best be connected firmly to the Earth. This also prevents the psychic from becoming disoriented or schizophrenic during a reading or channeling session, the Earth provides a nesting ground for the energies so that the psychic does not overload their senses and essentially force themselves to become mentally unhealthy.

The second most important exercise is shielding. Most people donít know that they send out almost 1 million energy signatures per day. This is their mental energy, their emotional energy, their energetic field or auric field, being sent outside of themselves and into the atmosphere. The combination of these energies forces a common bond between people of like places. We will get to this theory once again in a later chapter. The purpose of shielding is to allow the individualís energies to work within themselves, so that they are not tempted, tainted or influenced by the common energies of the people and places around them, or more commonly referenced, influenced by society itself. Shielding is how they can become individuals in their own light and how they can rise above societyís influence. In addition, when performing a psychic reading, shielding is essential due to the energies they can pick up while attempting to read. Without shields a psychic will pick up on random energies, often connecting to the wrong person, and it can become confusing and difficult to interpret the energy. The telepathic who canít shield themselves will find that the thoughts of every person speak to them all at once so that they canít decipher the messages, and it sounds like a cacophonic humming in their ears. Shielding can be used as a strong focusing tool; the psychic can control which energies enter the shield and which do not enter the shield. This way they can protect themselves from negative influences, uncontrollable abilities, and astral attacks (which are rare). Developing a shield will also aid in keeping the psychic level headed and logical.

Centering is a simple term used to describe the art of finding the center. This is often explored in Martial Arts training where the student is forced to focus on their chi and their center in order to gather the inner peace, focus and energy needed to perform the task at hand. Centering allows the psychic to focus the energy and bring forth the results they desire. When the mind is still a constant stream of random thoughts this prevents the psychic from reading and interpreting any messages from anotherís psyche. Learning to find their center, quiet their mind and focus their own energies on drawing a result is another important exercise.

Cleansing and Balancing go hand in hand with one another and revolve mostly around the energetic well being of each of the chakra centers within the body. Each chakra must be spinning counter clockwise, it must not be plagued with negativity, and it must be balanced, not over active or under active. This is quite the process for most psychics and can take months to truly succeed with. The first step is to cleanse the chakras of the negativity. There may be doubt in the mind, but fear in the heart is a worse ailment to overcome, and therefore, cleansing the negativity from each of the chakras is an important step to opening up the mind. The second step is balancing the chakras, this is an energetic exercised that allows the psychic to take their personal energy and properly distribute it evenly between the 7 chakras. Each chakra must be open, spinning and in balance with the body. Once this is complete and once the psychic has a handle on performing these 5 exercises on a regular basis, they are ready to begin a reading.


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PostSubject: Re: Beginner Psychic Development   Beginner Psychic Development EmptySat Feb 07, 2009 11:48 pm

What i don't understand is how to ground, shield, and center.....to my knowledge, i have never personally meditated. How do i do it?
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner Psychic Development   Beginner Psychic Development EmptyWed Mar 04, 2009 12:07 pm

Is there someone who can help me beging with finding out what my gift is? I know i have something but not sure what to call it.
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner Psychic Development   Beginner Psychic Development Empty

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Beginner Psychic Development
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