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 Healing/Psychic Gifts??

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Healing/Psychic Gifts?? Empty
PostSubject: Healing/Psychic Gifts??   Healing/Psychic Gifts?? EmptySun Jan 25, 2009 7:49 pm

So I had a dream a few months back which still plays on my mind. I've had similar ones too which all talk of the same thing. Here it is.

I had a dream where my mother was handing me 2 gifts and wanted me to choose one of them. I wanted both and found it hard to decide but I did. The gifts she was giving me were large hoop earrings. One set were in sterling silver and the other were in copper. I chose copper. I recall in the dream feeling this was telling me to accept my own gifts of healing. I felt that as I already had the gift of intuition(silver), I'd accept the gift of rheumatic healing(copper).

I also had a dream where I was given a gift of gold hoop earrings with green emerald stones in them. I was being forced to have this gift and felt intimidated by it and the person(my aunt) giving it to me.

Several months ago I had a dream where I now believe a guide or higher being brought(chose me to have) me the gift of healing. I say this because the being was choosing several women to put a bright gold necklace around and he floated over to me and put one on me. After this he disappeared and the necklace looked like a long chain of beads that now looked dull and more bronze and irony than gold..

I have so many dreams of going into shops searching for jewels, more earrings and find myself drawn towards hoops or oval earrings in silver or with gems(I don't wear these in real life-Haven't worn earrings for a long time). I always stop at buying them and walk away after putting myself off buying them for some reason.

Talking about gems.. I had a dream where I was walking over hundreds of green citrine crystals!

Any thoughts would be appreciated here. scratch scratch

Warm Hugs
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Healing/Psychic Gifts??
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