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PostSubject: Wow...   Wow... EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 9:14 am

So, here is the dream I just had last night.

I'm not really looking for an interpretation; you can if you want, but mostly I'm just posting this here to share in the weirdness. It is also a bit on the lengthy side, so... my apologies. No worries if you don't read the whole thing.

Quote :
This dream was a bit disturbing to me.

I know there was more before hand, but I was talking with my mom and somehow she mentioned that she had these bones on the top shelf in her closet. I said I had never known that (in reality she has a lot of old stuff from holland on the top shelf, things Iíve never even seen) and so she says I can go look and see if they are real.

I pull down a few skeleton heads but they are all fake; they donít seem human with weird little horns on them everywhere and stuff like that. But then she showes me this weird little doll and says that her aunt used to tell her that the bones which made up its feet and head belonged to someone famous. It looked like a little baby, and its clothes were sort of like a clown. Its bones seemed real but were like no human Iíd ever seen; the face was bird-like at first and the feet seemed like feathery bones or something like that. Scaley even.

My mom left me to look at this thing for awhile, and I got kind of fed up with it; I wanted to put it back. It seemed to be drawn to my breast so I called my mom over and she said, rather sheepishly, that this thing used to require breast milk before it could be put away and she totally forgot. She said she had no breast milk to speak of and that I would have to try. I was REALLY apalled and said no; I tried to put the doll thing away anyhow, but it somehow was having none of that. It managed to over-power me a bit and managed to get some breastmilk from me.

After it took some and I put it back up in the closet, a strange idea hit me. I asked if it knew who I was, if it had seen me before, and it smiled (it had the face of a little black-haired beautiful boy now) and said yes. I asked itís name and it said something like ďDrummondĒ or some other name that I equate with ďthat guyĒ from my dreams. I am stunned as soon as I hear it, and suddenly I feel this thing on my back, the little doll is there; I fall onto the bed in that room and feel it growing along my back, becoming more human. Once itís head surpasses mine I can feel its long hair slipping past my face; itís feet surpass mine as well. It is a fully grown and very tall man now laying on top of me. For some reason his hair is ashen blonde this time, not black, but by his attitude and the look on his face, it is him.

Iím not sure what happens after this point because I have a dream memory of the doll being back up in the closet and me feeling not so hostile towards it; it looks like the little black-haired boy again and I say ďgoodnight!Ē to it as I shut the closet door. Iím not sure if that happened before or after it transforming into a man, really donít remember.

The dream goes through a few other stages, one where Iím naked outside in the winter on the farm and Iím bringing huge chunks of ice towards the workshop so that they will melt. It is spring and the neighbour says that I need to keep an eye on his fence because water is running there and if the fence sags, I should lift it for him.

Then later Iím in a sort of colony or something, where people can be magicians; we are all in medieval-like times and Iím walking around the little market and living area. I see we have a greek-styled water fountain with drinking cups floating in it at the center of the town, and my memory of the dream hovers around it long enough to watch two men drink from it. One, dressed like a roman or something, pushes another man with his shoulder who comes to the fountain to drink. The man who is pushed is taken aback, but he simply gets his cup and backs off to drink it, dropping it back into the fountain when he is done.

I am then in the market with this older man and we are looking at a beautiful limestone table that someone carved with symbols like the Green Man. Itís amazing and beautiful, and the man with me says he wants it. I look for a price and there is a modern price tag on it (it says $15 and is in gold). Attention is suddenly drawn away as there are bears spotted at the river just to my left; everyone is so happy and they grab their spears to hunt this pack of bears, splashing through the river and over the high bank on the other side. As I come to the edge of this little wooden viewing area built over the river, attentions shift downward and to the water again where someone strapped to a cross (yes, just like the bible thing) is stumbling around. Itís different though, they are not nailed to it and they have VERY VERY long beautiful blonde hair.

Someone releases them and we can see from where we are above that a man kisses this person; we realize it was a woman. A moment later we look back down and the person on the cross is nothing but bones and blonde hair, and sadly is dropped into the river. Moments later the blonde pops out of the water, fully dried and in the flesh, dressed in beautiful silver robes, looking straight at me. I know somehow in the dream that she IS me (at least the dream me, connection was weird) and I drop to my knees on the platform. The woman below floats in strange patterns in the now calmed river, making predictions; I know they will come true and when she does them I can see what she sees in her mindís eye.

I change over the next few days in this colony, and I begin to look exactly like this woman. My hair has grown and I am paler, and I dress in the same silver robes as her. People begin to worship me as some sort of sign, and I remember, as we planned to leave for the dam, taht I accidentally touch some of the fire on a little candle they were burning for me. I pull my hand away, surprised, and the other woman like me is suddenly behind me. ďDid it burn you?Ē she asks. I answer, somewhat surprised to realize that ďNoÖ. It didnít.Ē

ďThat is because that flame is white; only flames of black will burn you, whereas flames of white such as that one would burn me.Ē She looks at me a moment and is gone; I canít even be sure she was ever actually there. Her words confused me, but I head out with the others to the dam.

The dam has some strange building on top of it. It seems everything we build is made of wood and logs, like log cabins, and this place is no exception. But it is VERY high up and the dam is otherwise a large cement wall. Something is supposed to happen here, and I realize I am supposed to sprout white wings. I do so, and I forget the circumstances under which I do; my robes change and are more colorful now, my hair still long, blonde, and loose. I feel different, as though Iíve changed again, and I am no longer a young little human like I was but am somethingÖ else. I am still trying to figure out what they want me to do for them, when one of them goes to the wrong side of the dam and peers over the edge of a large shell.

The shell turns out to be a merman of the octopus sort, but he attacks the person who peered over his edge and that person begins to transform; I realize now that many of the people with me are mythical creatures or things Iíve never even seen before, and they are all running away from this side of the dam that slopes long and steep into a churning river far far below. The slope comes alive and seems to ooze creatures, so many of them touching so many of my people, transforming them into twisted versions of their former selves. We run, and I fly once again; I stop it somehow with a really bright white light, and I teach my remaining people to build a great wall that will encompass our city so that we can be safe.

In the dream the impression of time passes; a LOT of time passes and the city is quiet. I am still the same but many generations of my people have come and gone; everyone sleeps and I watch the tall walls of the city that feels like a toy around me. I am both small and at the same time my consciousness extends to the very top of the walls. I see someone outside that I once knew, someone from my actual waking life; I let him in and he is very surprised to see me once he realizes who I am. There are others who appear outside also from my waking life and I let them in also; there is still a fear of attack from outside, but then I pretty much wake up to the happy faces of people I once knew who hadnít died with the passage of time.

There were other parts to the dream that I canít remember where in the order of all this they happened; I remember hiding spare wands in the field next to my parentís house so that I could give them away to those who needed them when it was time.

I really donít understand this whole dream and the whole thing left me feeling really unsettled. I really didnít like the bible parallel that much eitherÖ. but in the end it was interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Wow...   Wow... EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 2:07 pm

wow . . . . speechless. . . . very interesting dream.


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