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PostSubject: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:37 pm

Zodiac Kamasutra

Sexual positions for Aries

Hot-blooded and demanding, powerful and sexy, Aries got used to be a leader in the bedroom and off-it. With such a drive he can win a universe (at least he thinks so). Aries knows where to create romantic mood and where to take more definite actions. First, try to read out some steamy love scene and share your intimate desires, though you won’t need to wait long. Aries is most probably ready for more. He will lay you on the back and kneel in front of you to be in full control of the situation, moving and pushing forcefully with the rhythm of his partner body. Aries adores when his lover scratches and bites his ears, screaming in ecstasy.

Sexual positions for Taurus

Taurus is very sensual and may easily subdue to your whims. Lying down on the back he will ask his partner to stand behind and massage his back. While he mounts her from the back, caressing her shoulders, breasts and belly. Taurus will penetrate you slowly, changing from deep slow penetration to increasing the speed and intensity of such movements. He doesn’t like to be hasty, you must be sure your Taurus will be slugging, savoring each stroke. Once he has trusted himself, he will give in to love making. Believe me, he is not a newbie in art of seduction. He knows how to please and his partner’s body is an endless exploration of sensitive spots.

Sexual positions for Gemini

Gemini is a joyful lover, who likes to tease and play. The best sex position for you is when you are lying side by side and face each other. After first penetration movements free your hands for touching each other. Mutual masturbation is best performed in this very position. Take your time and variegating the angle. Of course, Gemini strives for wide range of sensations- you want to smell, to see, to feel but most of all to hear those sweat and erotic words. His or her voice can arouse and make you shiver for just the seconds. Gemini would probably prefer to have sex in the garden than a cozy bedroom. Don’t forget that phone and cyber sex is most appealing to him, so start with it and you won’t regret the result.

Sexual positions for Cancer

The Lotus sex position is almost cut out of Cancer. When he is sitting cross-legged, his partner wraps his legs around his body. You will be moving in beat with slow and strong thrusting. In this position he can caress her buttocks and breasts and have the better embrace so that to feel his partner completely. If he is not quite aroused, try oral petting. Cancer is not shy to tell you all his fantasies and will fulfill your sexual dreams in its turn. Sex is where both partners should trust each other - that is Cancer’s motto. When you find mutual understanding, you may be sure to experience multiple orgasms with Cancer. He can be easily aroused by watching your excitement so think over a mirror ceiling.

Sexual positions for Leo

The rear entry position is a favorite for Leo, who adores showing off even in the bedroom. Deep penetration, when woman kneels and he is thrusting behind her and caressing her breasts, stroking her buttocks and teasing her clitoris can take you both on a high of erotic satisfaction. Hold on tightly, this sex position is not meant for a slow start. Besides, Leo is a vigorous lover and he won’t hesitate to grasp you and bring you to a stormy orgasm. Leo also likes petting being dressed up. The most exciting for him is the process of love making rather than the result. Leo is quite straightforward when it comes to talking about sex and he will expect the same from his partner.

Sexual positions for Virgo

Virgo is a lover of refined intimacy. She is fond of futton position when she lies on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs wide, while her partner kneels and can enter her or please her with cunnilingus. Virgo likes to submit that’s why this sex position is ideal for him as his partner can control the angle of penetration and the rhythm of thrusting. Many of them may even prefer to stimulate themselves rather than search for a partner. Another play Virgos adore is to resist-and-to-surrender until he could burst out in exploding orgasm. Virgo always knows what he wants and his partner can be sure he will be very persistent and methodic but don’t expect outburst of sexual fantasy.

Sexual positions for Libra

Libras are very romantic and don’t need a naked eroticism. They get excited feeling the intrigue of bedroom art. A missionary position may be the best suited for Libra. The most comfortable and common way is to enjoy love making, while caressing each other in the most intimate parts. Sex for him is not a session of acrobatic poses but more an art of sensual play. When he explores your innermost curves, gently touching your breasts and stroking you with the feather you are the only one he can think about. Foreplay is his strongest point. Nobody could be so tender and perceptive to your desires and bating his partner’s breath in utmost ecstasy.

Sexual positions for Scorpio

Hot-tempered Scorpio can the most insatiable lover among all Zodiac signs. His temperament is best revealed in Reverse Amazon position. He will lay his partner on his back and sit on the top facing his partner from behind. In this position his lover can stimulate his genitals while the top will be sliding along his body with breasts. Give in to Scorpio desires, he can just wear you out changing from oral stimulation to deep penetration. When he starts sexual play he likes to bite and pinch, enjoying your moaning and twisting about in pain and satisfaction. Scorpio can offer you bondage play, restraining you to the bed and playing with sensory devices. It’s better to stop, if you are not sure about his intentions, because once you are in his bed there is no way to escape from his charms.

Sexual positions for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a wild lover, who gets pleasure from fast love. He may take you half way up the stairs or while you are cooking in the kitchen. Doggy style is one of the most favorite positions for him. Simultaneous stimulation of his genitals together with the frequent penetrations from behind is extremely attractive for Sagittarius. He always tries new positions and new scenery for making love. And what can be more delightful than his erotic massage. His fingers will run over your body, delicately touching and stimulating all your erogenous zones.

Sexual positions for Capricorn

He is meticulous when planning sex play. Sitting sex position, when both partners sit facing each other, he will be moving slowly like in a thrilling dance. Capricorn is proud of his sexual potential. In a sex marathon he is a long-distance runner and you shouldn’t hesitate his abilities as he will never stop until you get maximum satisfaction. In order to attune him to a right mood you need to create the most comfortable atmosphere. Capricorn will appreciate clean and cozy bearskin near the fire-place listening to the calm music and drinking an old vine.

Sexual positions for Aquarius

His attitude towards sex is rather intellectual. Aquarius may be carried away by foreplay, so that his partner even can achieve orgasm without penetration. While you gradually get excited, his actions become more ingenious and more persistent. The best position for him is a swimming like one, where he can lie on his back with his partner on top, her legs along his body. In this position she can control the pace, where she can more easily reach orgasm giving a gentle clitoral stimulation. His partner may also variegate the positioning of the legs, moving them apart and together. Though some of his experimentations may seem quite exotic, this Zodiac sign won’t ever make you feel the boredom.

Sexual positions for Pisces

Pisces are charming by nature. Their intuition can prompt them how to find his or her most sensitive parts. You may caress each other in a spoon sex position, where your bodies will fit each other in close contact. Lying on the sides, your Pisces man will penetrate from behind when you may easily relax and enjoy lazy and gentle lovemaking. He will stroke your body, and whisper delicate words while revealing to his partner all the pleasure he can experience with such a tender lover. Don’t be surprised if he will offer you to take a submissive part in your intimate play.

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:29 pm

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Hehehehehe No Comment.... For once!
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Female Aquarius Buffalo
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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:14 pm

Wow ok....Umm, first off, this is true for my sign I guess and I guess I follow what my sign says.....Rofl Other than that one, no comment!
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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:11 am

lol how can i comment when it says only for a pisces man am a woman i guess lol
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Female Scorpio Snake
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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:40 am

Haha rather true for the Aries guys Razz
Oh I did giggle Smile
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Female Leo Rat
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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:48 am

Lol, I thought wow I should get rid of this one but just couldn't resist keeping it, it's so true!


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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:32 pm


Mine is accurate too xD

its kinda scary haha
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PostSubject: Re: Zodiac KAMASUTRA :-P NO PIC   

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