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 My dream

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My dream Empty
PostSubject: My dream   My dream EmptySat Feb 21, 2009 1:36 am

So my dream started off me going out a hotel, I became a magazine photographer for celebrities (papparazzi? I believe) And I had my mother tell me "Oh! I saw lights in that mini van!" There were alot of photographers. So I run towards the van, it was like a chevy? and it was white and I ran to the window and asked if I could take a picture of them and she said yes. It was Miley Cyrus.... and I had some cheap camera that was disposable. I took several pictures because most were bad quality, and she said sure thats okay.

Then she said "Oh dad would be happy I have a picture as Miley than Hannah Montana. There were 3 other teenagers in the back... 2 girls and a guy, with a wHite long sleeve. Then she invited me if I wanted to coe with them, and before I answered, the door closed on me and I went with her.

Then that scene disappeared, and I was at the mall and I Saw my ex best friend and I Went "eww, Why is she here..." Outloud and she heard me and smiled, "Don't worry I won't be here for too long."

Then I was with Miley at some mall place, saying she would buy me stuff if I wanted too... though I went and I thought I was at the store I wanted to be in... and instead I was in a stone brick like building.... With huge windows that were like 1 and a half story tall and the pavement was stone also.. and it was a dead end. And when I saw Miley we were having fun and things like that... I can't remember all of it

And in another scene... Miley turned into my ex best friend and she asked me "Hey Eila, should I still continue being a celebrity? Or have another profession?" And I said "Wel, you shouldn't cause looked what happened to the other teen idols like Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears... Be what you really want." And she smiled and said "Oh okay, thanks for the advice." Then we went to a park, which usually has horses and has a zoo near it. Well me, her (the best friend turned Miley), and her mother went into a zoo like setting. But instead of it having nice cages or places for the animals, it had simple garden net like fences separating the animals from us.

I walked and saw ahead of me 2 male lions laying down, and thought oh wow why arent they agressive and escaping? We walked past them and went to a small pen filled with Large red pale ish spiders as big as your hands that jumped.... and the mother said "Oh we have to catch one" She had those butterfly nets.. and she stood far away and I was fearful, she caught a spider and it seemed like they almst could jump out. I had a thought she needed one... for some soup?

I'll skip some parts of my dream cause I forgot it but my ex best friend turned into Miley again and somehow a friend of her dad came at her dad and they had a serious discussion, and the friend was troubled... and after... We went out and the devil was there.

He said they couldnt escape, like they were under a curse and he threw chunks of city blocks at us as we ran. And suddenly we were under a freeway bridge and there were shadow portals around it that only I ould see... and I turned into a guy. And I saw the devil going in and out of the portals, hiding from Miley and her dad, and everytime they looked up, he would disappear and he made it so the bridge was empty, you can see the "skeleton of it" like the concrete wasn't there. And when they went ahead, The guy, in a navy blue sweater and jeans spit at the ceiling of the bridge, and it stuck on thin are, it was green like, his spit, and He/I soon found out it was only a illusion. Then the Devil appeared beside him and said he couldnt stop him.

But soon, I/he said "God commands you to leave and never bother us again." But... my voice it was like I didn't have any air, and I had trouble breathing when I said it. I felt some pain in my chest. But the devil got agry and soon his illusion ofthe empty bridge disappeared. I said it again, but this time said "I command you to leave this place, and never come back." Each word was getting harder and harder for me to say. I can't remeber the rest of the dream but the fact I kept trying to ward him off ike 4 times after. it didnt quite work, but it seemed to weaken him.

And when I woke up, I had a headache and my stomach ached....

any reason why I dreamed this and what it means?
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PostSubject: Re: My dream   My dream EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 6:55 am

people we look up to in the real world "celebrities" are used in dreams to represent ideals or higher points to aim for. it's just a symbol and doesn't mean you will become a celebrity in any way. the white car represents a spiritual trip. you want to glimps it, you want to take a quick look and have nothing change. the problem is the only way to truly learn is to take the next step. and that is what this dream is all about.
taking next steps. the dream has many leveled symbols in it, and is obviously long, far to long to really do a pic by pic break down.
have you tried looking at a picture up close? all you see is dots. take a step back and an image appears. that is what must be done with a dream of this nature, rather than breaking down the individual images you must look at the overall flow of the dream.
at each stage it enters the world of magic and religion more and more. starting with a white car, then a spider in the soup and finally the devil. this dream is telling you about paths that can be taken and it's giving you a chance to see the worst possible outcome of your future decisions.
it's your inner self saying "what if i look into who i am and what i want?" will i get into trouble. the answer is no, the dream is showing you a devil that you can keep at bay, and it uses many clues about how to do this. most of them linked to dealing with your mother and father and growing independant of them.
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My dream
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