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 How many types of Reiki are out there?

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How many types of Reiki are out there? Empty
PostSubject: How many types of Reiki are out there?   How many types of Reiki are out there? EmptySat Jan 31, 2009 9:55 am

I want to be clear on this one. There are over 1200 modalities of Reiki out there! (Wow that's a lot of attunements!)

But there is only about 10 different kinds of main stream Reiki, the others are lessers, channeling lesser healing energies, and not the big source energy healing.

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho as developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid 1800's is the first and foremost type of reiki. It channels the universal source, and it promotes healing on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

That being said, there are a number of other modalities out there and all of them have their positives and draw backs!

I'm just going to post what I have been attuned to and which ones I've liked and which ones I've disliked or barely use now in my practice.

Amara Omni Empowerment - fairly good symbology and philosophy behind it, but the symbols are not easy to draw, so better for visualization and meditation purposes but less for work on other individuals.

Blue Star Celestial - Wonderful Egyptian style system that combines the Egyptians concept of the stars and channels them down to us. Has quite a few good symbols that are both easy and difficult to draw. I use the energy of this one but not the symbols. Otherwise it's a good one.

Chios Energy Healing - By far 5 star energy healing system, teaches deeply about the aura and the chakra system, and teaches many techniques on healing the energetic body, definitely one of the best modalities out there.

Celtic Reiki - This one uses the ogham symbols and the earth healing energy. I find this one of the core forms of reiki but it needs to be combined with Usui before it can be used with greater magnitude and force.

Ethereal Crystals - Not a very good one, a list of crystals you're being attuned to and then not much else. I found that if you really want to get into crystal healing you need a good course on Lithography and that can take time to achieve, plus you need the crystals themselves to accompany the healing, otherwise it's useless.

Elemental Reiki - Very Wiccan style and again not one of my favourites. I still use the elements in my healing but it was almost like a wiccan attunement than anything else for me.

Gold Reiki - Wonderful Kundalini style reiki which actually precedes Kundalini reiki. I mean you can't get Gold until you've studied Kundalini reiki, but otherwise a magnificent system to bring your energetic body to a new level.

Imara Reiki - Again another wonderful reiki boost attunement to help you grow as a healer. In terms of how to use this on others it's not very useful but in order to boost your own personal healing potential it's a must have.

Karmic Reiki - Another wonderful system with little symbols but strong powerful forces. Helps you work with Karma.

Karuna Ki - This is the second step to Usui Reiki, and it's a modality of compassion and gentleness. I really like the energies behind this one as they're very flowing and smooth.

Ki Manna - This modality is really just another personal reiki boost. I don't feel you can use this one on clients but you can certainly use it to enhance your own healing abilities. This one tends to draw from your past life healing abilities to bring it into the now.

Kundalini Reiki - There's 2 sets to this, the first one, which strengthens your chakras and their personal healing qualities and then the boosters, which is like the second step to them. This is by far one of the best modalities I have ever practiced with.

Lightarian Reiki - This is really the mother load, this modality connects you to higher energy sources, like the ascended masters and a stronger more refined version of the source. It's a very powerful form of energy healing, and you must be a Usui Master, and a Karuna Ki master before you can be attuned to this one.

Pyramid Reiki - Another form hailing from Egypt, to attune you to the power of the pyramids. All in all a good one, but not one I use frequently.

Orb of Life - This is a personal gift, as it strengthens your entire healing capacity. I love this one and generally try to give it out to as many people as I can because it just strengthens a person's natural ability to heal.

Lunar / Solar Light Empowerment - Connects you to moon / sun energies to help you heal. It's good, but not high on my recommended list.

Raku Kei Reiki - This is said to be the stuff that ended up getting left out of traditional Reiki. So there's lost bits and pieces in this modality which will help you complete your training in Usui. What happened was, Usui trained a few masters, and then those people wrote manuals and left out what they didn't think was important. It wasn't until that info was gathered again that this modality could exist, and so here it is, to finish off your Usui Reiki training.

Ra Sheeba - By far powerful, and by far one you will be called towards. A group of people meditated to find the symbols and open the access to this modality. It comes from Egypt and it is a very powerful system of energy healing. It's high up on my recommended list.

Reiki Grand Master - This one is the continuation of Usui Reiki, finally translated into German and then into English. It consists of levels 5 - 13 (notice no level 4, you replace that with Karuna Ki or Kundalini Reiki) and each level has a new powerful symbol you are attuned to. I believe it now goes up to level 15, but I stopped at level 13.

Run Valdr - Use of the Runic Symbols, and another very powerful Celtic / Norse system. I recommend this one but not if you want an easy read or if you want symbols that are basic and straight forward. This one was a challenge to study but it's amazing none the less.

Sacred Flames - Another of my favourites, that attunes you to the 7 rays or 7 sacred flames of the chakra system. This one is wonderful for attuning chakras.

Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing - Developed with Atlantean principals this one brings the healer into a more ancient form of healing that so far I haven't found problems with. I like it but I don't use it very often.

Tibetan Reiki - Another one that goes hand in hand with Usui. It has new symbols which are powerful and allow the healer a stronger energetic capacity for healing from the source. Another recommendation of mine.

Universal Rays - By far one of the most in depth chakra healing systems I have seen. This one attunes you individually to the 7 major chakras, and it's a very powerful attunement. This is high on my recommendation list.

White Dove Reiki - This one was good, gentle, using subtle energies, and I wasn't a fan. I don't use it very often.

Alchemy Reiki - I developed it, and it teaches you how to transmute energies rather than cleansing them and replacing them. Sometimes works better in the case of cancer patients, who have little energy to work with in the first place.

Awen Energy Transformation - This is an odd modality that I developed, what it does is it amalgamates everything a person has been attuned to into one single source. This acts as a metaphysical drawing point of ALL your healing energies in one big shot. I performed this one on my abilities and it's really only for people who have been attuned to many modalities and need to stop switching between the symbols and the energy and learn how to channel it all at once. Either way it's powerful and probably one of the best I've developed.

Celestial Reiki - Another personally developed modality, It connects the healer to the power of the stars, the planets and the universe itself to heal.

Faery Reiki - This hails from the Faery otherworlds, with a couple of symbols and a traveling key into the faery otherworld, the healer is able to use the symbols to heal from the faery realms.

Elven Shamanic Healing - Channeled from the Elven realms, this has a few symbols and master symbols which assist the healer in transmuting negativity and cleansing negativity. It's a powerful system with newer healing techniques not revealed in other modalities. I highly recommend this one to others.

Sands of Egypt - This was another intense one, I channeled it from Egypt, and I was met with a guide and taken into a journey through Egypt where I was attuned 9 times, the 10th being left for when I'm truly a master of the modality. It was odd, first I received attunements 1-4, and then 5 came 8 months later, 6 came 8 months after that, then 7 and 8 came together and finally 9 came 8 months after that. I wrote down all the knowledge and experiences, and symbols and have shared them with others so that they can have the same experiences. At this point you are half attuned by me and half attuned by the guides. It's a very mystical and potent form of reiki which generally works on the psychological level.

Violet Light Reiki - This is a modification of Violet Flame Reiki. It uses the importance of 9, along with 4 levels each with 9 symbols to make 36 symbols total. I brushed it up and added the proper healing techniques to it and redeveloped the symbols. This was the first modality that I developed.

So all in all that's that, and though I didn't mention some of the ones I'm attuned to, I'm sure others will mention them as time goes on.

What here has you the most intrigued or interested?


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How many types of Reiki are out there? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How many types of Reiki are out there?   How many types of Reiki are out there? EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 11:42 am

Good Stuff! I'm waiting for Spirit to gift me a healing modality as I get a little older.
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How many types of Reiki are out there?
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