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 Week Two!

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Week Two! Empty
PostSubject: Week Two!   Week Two! EmptyFri May 01, 2009 3:30 pm

Crystal of the Week

Week Two: Amethyst

As before, I will be using the same sources as the first
lesson, and some of the first points apply; to save you from going back to look
through them, I will copy and paste the important points here.

All lessons will include references from several books that
I personally own as well as a few websites. The websites will mostly be used
for images as I am not as fond of internet sources for metaphysical information
as I am of three particular published works and of intuition.

These books are as follows, listed in order of preference:

Love is in the
Earth: a Kaleidoscope of Crystals
by Melody

Field Guide to
Rocks and Minerals
by the National Audubon Society

The Crystal
Bible: a Definitive Guide to Crystals

by Judy Hall

All of these books are available for purchase, and I
recommend buying them used; they are MUCH MUCH cheaper if you buy them
second-hand as opposed to new, especially the Field Guide.

I do not authorize anyone to reproduce my lessons and
articles without my permission; though they are posted here for others to see,
they are NOT to be reproduced as your own. If you wish to cite them somewhere,
please ask me and we’ll discuss it.

Finally I would also like to note that if you have
suggestions for the next week’s stone, please by all means PM me (to assure I
see it in time) and I will be sure to research it and feature it if I can next
week or as soon as possible.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get on to
the lesson!


As with the first lesson, it is important to learn what and
where to look when searching for a good piece of amethyst.

It is far easier to get a piece of natural amethyst than it
is a piece of natural citrine. Real, untreated pieces of amethyst are much more
common and, thankfully, are generally much cheaper. Since they, like citrine,
are a relative of quartz (they are basically the same mineral, simply with the
inclusion of a different mineral or gas) they tend to be found in the same
areas. Thankfully they also tend to grow much larger than natural citrine, so
you can get a much showier piece for fewer dollars if you shop around.

Amethyst is available in individual pieces, though they will
usually be small and tumbled. This stone is usually found either in clusters
with showy finished tops or to be a part of a piece of jewelry. They are quite
popular for necklaces, rings, and even earrings, in rough, polished, and even
faceted forms. You can easily find affordable pieces at your average metaphysical
or rock enthusiast shop, sometimes even finding them in starter kits for
mineral enthusiasts. They are also sometimes made into lamps and other
decorative pieces, and can be formed into eggs, balls, and other shapes. It is
a very versatile stone, as you can see!

When selecting a piece there is little that you need to
worry about. You should take care to make sure that all crystals attached to a
cluster, should you be looking at one, are firmly attached as some of them get
loose when the cluster is harvested or shipped and may be in danger of either
falling out or of being pulled off.

You should also take a careful look at the clarity of the
crystals in the cluster, as some locations in the world, such as the amethyst
mine in Thunder Bay, Ontario
(which is a major supplier of world amethyst along with other mines in Brazil) have
high contents of other minerals that can discolor the crystals. A common
discoloration is a reddish-rusty color, which is usually referred to as
“pineapple amethyst”. The stone’s properties are still in-tact, it simply
contains higher traces of iron than other specimens.

of amethyst are usually hexagonal, and are occasionally double-terminated (this
means that the crystals can sometimes form two finished ends instead of one).
It is literally all over North America, and is
really quite common. Their color can range from a very deep purple all the way
to the lighter and more gentle shades of lavender.

The following are some nice examples of amethyst.


As you can see this is an abundant and very versatile stone.

Metaphysical Properties

Now that we can easily identify amethyst and its forms, lets
move on to its metaphysical uses.

Amethyst is known to be a stone of “spirituality and
contentment”. Even its color, purple, is often associated with a higher state
of being which you often see associated with the crown chakra that shares its
color. It is thought to be a stone which assists the user in opening up to the
spiritual world and to find their transition into it smoother and easier. It is
also, then, rumored to assist in connection with this realm as well as
alternate realms.

It clears the aura and is really quite good at bringing
balance to everything; it balances the physical, spiritual and emotional,
bringing harmony and peace wherever it goes. It brings stability, strength,
invigoration and peace. These properties make this a good stone for meditation,
helping to bring about the calm and peaceful state that many people need to
achieve a fruitful meditation as well as to help maintain that state, something
that is often seen as difficult.

This is one of the many stones said to have been used in the
breast-plate of the high priest, though more information on this rumor is
difficult to come by.

Other uses for this stone include protection against psychic
attacks, bringing about a regal and ruling nature as well as a warm and cuddly
one when needed, and in mediation. It helps achieve an impartial state that is
particularly useful for hearing both sides of a situation and to thus help come
to a mediated decision when needed.

Simply holding the amethyst is enough to activate it, though
directing ones energy towards it is a great way to get it going as well. The
more you put into it the more you’re going to activate it, the more you’ll get
out of it.

This is one of the stones that is favored by spiritual
people, and it is easy to see why; the very calm and in-tune aura that this
stone generally carries and can bring about is something that people who are
already in-tune with the needs and feelings occasionally need. It can help them
balance themselves out in a busy sea of confusing emotions and to be the calm,
steady person that they often need to be in their regular lives.

When used in conjunction with chlorite, this stone can be
used to remove unwanted energy implants from both the physical and spiritual
body. It is also said to be effective in treating hearing disorders, bad
posture and skeletal issues, and the sympathetic nervous system. It also helps
with digestive disorders, the heart, the skin, the stomach and the teeth,
usually in the form of a draught.

It is also very commonly referred to as a treatment for
insomnia, to which I can personally attest; I have used this stone in that
function before and find it to be a gentle alleviation of sleep deprivation. I
have also used this stone as a protective stone as well, which worked
exceptionally well; I had a small rough piece upon which I painted a protective
rune (which was personal preference, it is not required as the stone is already
naturally protective against psychic attack) and kept it under my pillow a
night or two. It’s also good for taking
care of headaches gently, though keep in mind it may take a little longer than
you think.

Caring for Your Amethyst

Amethyst is generally easy to care for. It responds well and
holds up well to water cleansing, earth cleansing, and even saltwater cleansing
as well as sunlight and moonlight cleansing techniques.

As with citrine and just about any other crystal out there,
direct and prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended. This stone is also
prone to fading if left too long; I have noticed this with some of my own
specimens as well, finding some of them to be paler in a few years later of
only two or so hours of direct sunlight a day.

This stone needs to be cleansed occasionally, unlike its
citrine cousin. If directly used, this stone should be cleansed more regularly
as it will accumulate negativity and other spiritual garbage more quickly with
use. If it is simply sitting in a room it still ought to be cleansed but you can
get away with doing so much less often than with regular use. Either way, it is
a wise practice to cleanse this, as well as most other stones, before and after
direct use just in case.

This stone may be kept with others but it is best to keep it
with stones of like properties. If you keep it with natural grounding stones
such as obsidian it is likely to be drained naturally and it will need a charge
before you wish to use it. It is absolutely best to keep it separately if you
can, but it plays nicely with most other stones.

This concludes week two! I hope that you found this lesson
to be informative, and once again if you have questions or suggestions for next
week’s crystal, please feel free to let me know!
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Week Two!
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