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 Lesson 3: The Minor Arcana= The Cups, Friday 4-31-09 7-9 PM PST

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psychic safina
psychic safina

Female Cancer Goat
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PostSubject: Lesson 3: The Minor Arcana= The Cups, Friday 4-31-09 7-9 PM PST   Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:32 pm

The Minor Arcana are the stage where you play out the story of your life.

The Cups are about romance, love, marriage, engagements, celebrations, partnerships, and friends. Emotions and the feelings of the heart.

Ace of Cups=Spirituality=The heart that is ready to love. The beginning of love is settling in your heart. You are healed and full of joy. The overwhelming rush of your emotions and feelings to love again. The seed of love is planted in our heart and it is growing, and there is a feeling of the beginning of great possibilities.

Reverse meaning=The heart is not ready to love again. Love is delayed.

Two of Cups=Relationship=A new relationship forms and is equally fulfilling for both partners. There is harmony and polarity-male and female -night and day-summer and winter. A phase of cooperation in the area of friendships. A relationship between 2 people. A partnership with a strong emotional connection. You meet someone and that person will become your true friend, partner or soul mate.

Reverse=The relationship does not have a strong connection. A new course of action is required.

Three of Cups=Resolution=A blessing is received. The start of a love affair, a engagement, a birth, a marriage, or recovery from an illness. A Celebration with friends. This could also be a party, but whatever it is, it is your time to embrace the situation and you know that you are loved.

Reverse=No celebration and there is isolation from your friends.

Four of Cups= Restoring yourself. Consumed by ones emotions and your life. You are taking time out, and not accepting help from others. Difficulty in a relationship. There are difficulties within a relationship that have led to unspoken resentments and a lack of emotional fulfillment.

Reverse=You are too consumed and cannot direct your energies, and you are thinking about taking a new direction, you cannot balance yourself in the situation that you are in.

Five of Cups= Regret, a relationship has gone wrong or there are obstacles in the way, which are causing hardships and depression. There is a regret for something you have lost and are ignoring what you still have left, which may be more valuable in the long run. There may be a marriage, or love affair gone wrong, leading to unhappiness and perhaps a separation, but all is not terminal, there is something that can be retrieved. Although the 3 cups have fallen and your celebration has spilled over, there are 2 cups still standing and this is the message that you will be able to fill those cups again.

Reverse=You are not accepting the loss.

Six of Cups=You are remembering the happy and the beautiful, but you must realize these times have vanished and cannot be recaptured, but realize the knowledge you have gained from the past and realize your ambitions for the present. An old friend comes back or your relationship changes, and you cannot regain what you had before, but you can begin a totally new and different kind of relationship.

Reverse=Not connecting with the past, delayed.

Seven of Cups=Delusion=An opportunity is there for you. There is a possibility, so make time for it. You are deceiving yourself, you might think that you have achieved something, but you are not there yet, you need to look at your situation more realistically.
There are lots of choices going on in your heart, you are not satisfied and wanting to fulfill a dream or desire.

Reverse=You are not going to follow your instincts and try new avenues.

Eight of Cups=Abandonment=Let something go. A bad situation cannot be changed or resolved and must be simply abandoned and left behind. You are leaving everything behind to find your true path.

Reverse=You are not walking away.

Nine of Cups=The wish card. Fulfill a dream. All the difficulties are going away and you feel emotional stability. There is material stability, good health, and great happiness. Don’t let this time be temporary, create a strong foundation of emotional strength and progress further. Wishes come true.

Reverse=Your wish is blocked or delayed.

10 of Cups=Reward=Firm Foundation. Long Lasting. You are now reaping the rewards of all your efforts. It is a time of great happiness within the family and you will experience the true joy of friendships and love. You may receive good news that you were not expecting. The bonds in your relationships are solid and secure.

Reverse=Everything is delayed.

Page of Cups=The Page brings opportunities for love, news, engagement, marriage, birth, or an opportunity that is pending in your life. This card indicates turning away from a storm of everyday life and reflecting on the inner-self. The Page is young at heart and sometimes child-like. He is young and still learning, but he brings excitement.

Reverse=Reflection=Past damaged self-esteem. The Page brings news and trouble depending on the cards that are next to him. But this Page brings reflection on to himself first , before he can love again. He is learning how to love himself again and he masks the volcano that is going on inside of him over his past hurt. He does not like to let anyone get too close, and will hurt your feelings with brutal honesty. But on the inside he just wants to be able to trust again and be close to someone, but his heart is not ready to love right now, so watch out.

Knight of Cups==Movement=Love is coming, open your heart and listen. All the Knights in the tarot have dual meanings depending on the cards surrounding. The Knight of Cups can be romantic, or sensitive. The Knight is a person who goes for it, nothing stops him. He searches for beauty and truth and there is a romantic relationship on its way, and you need to be ready for it. You could even receive a proposal of marriage, which will tell you by the cards attached to the Knight. Or you could receive a message or invitation for a first date.

Reverse=The other side of the coin is that he can be confusing and difficult to understand. He is one that falls in and out of love fast, but he also moves in and out of situations with the same speed. He takes offense easily and can be jealous and melodramic.

Queen of Cups=Intuition=Sensitive, Easily hurt, very attractive. Her feminine mystery is connected to the secret and subconscious power of feelings. She is also connected to water and it is the element of intuition and psychic skills, and these are the abilities this person posses and should learn to trust. She likes attention of others but doesn’t do anything to attract it. She is fragile , and once hurt, she will withdraw into the solitude of her home. She is compassionate toward her feelings towards others and can be very motherly.

Reverse= She can also smother you with her love and emotions. She is a person that appears to be your friend, when in reality, this is not the case. Use caution when dealing with her because it can lea to emotional hurt and the breaking of trust.

King of Cups=This man speaks from the heart. He is loyal, compassionate, loving, and his love comes from a lifetime of experience. He is a great counselor who is calm and relaxed, and he is not riled by the rolling waters around him. Through his lifetime of having empathy he brings experience and wisdom.

Reverse=Water=Addiction, trust issue, moody, sensitive. He comes to you intensely concerned about relationships. He is a wounded healer and finds it hard to trust people and impossible to fully relinquish control, he will talk with you and if you need support, it might be wise to look elsewhere, because a deep hurt in his past keeps him unable to truly show his feelings. He is addicted to his problems and easily addicted to other things that can become problems too, he just doesn’t know how to let go and shut his mind off from his past hurt.
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Female Leo Rat
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PostSubject: Re: Lesson 3: The Minor Arcana= The Cups, Friday 4-31-09 7-9 PM PST   Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:16 pm

Wow Gaile,

Just reading this shows that you have truly come a long long way.

Will you be in chat tomorrow to lead the discussion?


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PostSubject: Re: Lesson 3: The Minor Arcana= The Cups, Friday 4-31-09 7-9 PM PST   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:45 pm

When are the classess resuming?

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PostSubject: Re: Lesson 3: The Minor Arcana= The Cups, Friday 4-31-09 7-9 PM PST   

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Lesson 3: The Minor Arcana= The Cups, Friday 4-31-09 7-9 PM PST
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