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PostSubject: Prologue   Prologue EmptyTue Apr 14, 2009 6:09 pm

Joining the club: here is the prologue to my book (which I will hopefully someday finish and have recently revamped).

I should have done something about it a long time ago, when everything first started.

I shouldn't have ran like that.

But I did. I turned on my heel and ran, bounded on like a terrified deer into the unknown reaches of the forest around me, ahead of me, inside me.

Their screams still echo in my ears some evenings, when the full moon is rising above the breaks in the canopy, when the night is set and humid like it had been at that time. I still hear the sickening distant sound of metal tearing through flesh, of my own footsteps obscuring that horrible noise even as my mother cries for me to run! Run and never stop, my love! Never stop...

She couldn't have known what that meant to me. How that would haunt me for decades to come, and how it would almost become a prophecy; Run. Never stop, never look back. Run.

I finger the necklace which dangles at my collarbone, the metal picking up the cool of the evening and transferring it to that delicate little hollow that had formed as I had matured. As the chain tinkled against the setting, I wondered idly whether it had all been worth it, and immediately felt guilty.

Looking to the stone that now rested in my palm, I knew no real doubt that what I had done had been for the best. For my people. For a people I never knew, and heard only tales about that were as full of mystery as I myself was. After all, how many, in their entire lifetime, would have the good fortune to run across an elf?

Dropping the pendant gently, I sink to my knees in the shallow water, shivering slightly as the sensation of goose-flesh covers me like an epidemic. I raise my hands to my hair, fanning it out behind me in an attempt to keep the damp, freezing strands from clinging to my back, knowing full well that it's probably in vain. In a few moments, I will become accustomed to the cold, and none of this will matter anymore.

I watch the broken pieces of tonight's full moon reflect back at me from the small lake's surface, aware of the eerie glow they cast on everything that can pass even the slightest reflection. I know that if anyone could see me here in my seclusion, my silvery hair would be shining like some of the moss I've seen in some of the deeper, damper caves of my travels.

I know complete and utter panic when I think that perhaps someone CAN see me here. Don't mistake that fear for modesty; I haven't had enough experience with others to even know what that is on more than a vague level yet.

No, what I fear is someone in particular.

The usual hurried thoughts press in... Have I been careful enough? Have I stayed in one place for too long? Their usual answers do not come to me so easily, this time. The lingering fear from my earlier reminiscing still hangs around me, and is difficult to escape.

I wade quickly out of the crisp pool, only for one tiny moment sad that I could not stay longer and bathe properly. I am in my traveling clothing and cloak in less than one minute; I have had far too many years of wary practice, of jumping at sounds.

Almost before I know it, I am off, running blindly on into the forest that hardly ever seems to stop. Into the forest that some days seems more like a prison, like a private, living hell that offers to reprieve, no comfort.

Almost before I know it, I hear their screams, could swear I hear them echoing from the dark trees which stretch their limbs above me.

I hear their flesh being torn, and my mother screaming.

But most of all, I hear her words, gargled with difficulty through great pain, through blood.

Run. Never stop. Never look back. Run.
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