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 Can Someone Help Me Understand Astral Projection (I think its happening to me)

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PostSubject: Can Someone Help Me Understand Astral Projection (I think its happening to me)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:09 pm

This happens to me sometimes and ONLY when I take a short nap during the day(about 30-50 minutes):

I am asleep and yet I am conscious that I am now in an altered stated (dreaming). In my dream, I am ALWAYS in my bedroom, lying on my bed. The freaky part is that my body feels like it moving or being pulled, dragged along the bed. Sometimes it feels like my body is hovering or I am being lifted up to the ceiling. It feels very real because I can see the exact furniture and walls in my bedroom.

Am I experiencing a lucid dream? I am aware I am dreaming, so I am trying to manipulate my dream so I can "go places" (like flying over mountains, lol). Problem is that when I lucid dream, I am ALWAYS just on my bed, being pulled around or moving around on my bed...every single time! It feels so real, that I wake up expecting my body to have moved or in another part of the room because of the moving sensations.

I don't think this is sleep paralysis, since my body has the sensation of moving, being dragged, or floating to the ceiling. Is this out of body? Could I be having a wake-induced lucid dream (WILD), since this happens only when I take naps during the day?

The freakiest episode I had one time was when I was experiencing a lucid dream. I am on my bed, aware that I'm dreaming, and I start calling out to a person who has been dead. This "person" now appears on the bed next to me (except it is just a black shadow). I reach out my arms to try to hug the shadow...I'm not frightened because I know its a dream and I've used this dream to summon this person and have "fun"...freaky, huh?!

Another freaky thing? This only happens to me when I am sleeping alone. If my husband is sleeping next to me (even if we take a short nap), I never have this dream. Only when I am alone can I dream like this. Its like my body has to be alone in order for me to go into this state.

I'm just confused and am so new to this and was wondering if you have experienced the same or can help me out?

Can I be astral projecting as well and what exactly is that? Also, why are certain people more susceptible to astral projection? Is my soul restless and want to go out of my body too much?
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PostSubject: Re: Can Someone Help Me Understand Astral Projection (I think its happening to me)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:15 pm

Hey Eartha,

Well yes it is astral projection.

Basically everyone has an astral body, which they can project outside of themselves at will. Most people are afraid of this, as you can do it in three different ways.

There is astral projection which is where you navigate your astral body from your physical body and simply lend your senses to the astral body.

Then there is astral travel in which you float, or crawl or walk outside of your body and you feel elated, somewhat sensitive to what's around you but it's mostly visuals, and you can't teleport your astral body you can only see what is around you. I think this is what you've been experiencing in sleep.

The last kind is the full OBE, and this is when your conscious mind enters your astral body and you literally feel like you are alive without a body, and you can float everywhere, you can teleport and ALL your senses are active. During these OBE's the actual body is in a state of stasis, sleeping or just in a trance, and during an OBE you can't function your body at the same time. These are usually experienced less than the first two, and can be amazing experiences once you can gain control and figure out how to work with them properly.

Oh and everyone has the ability to do this, I don't know if I would call Astral Projection a psychic ability it's more like a forgotten human ability, people do it all the time.

Also, it only happens when you're completely relaxed so if someone is around you, it tends to just shut it off so you don't fly in your dreams or float or walk around, nothing. You are grounded.

And I hope that helps a bit hun.


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PostSubject: Re: Can Someone Help Me Understand Astral Projection (I think its happening to me)   Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:49 am

Thanks Valkyrie! That was the most thorough and clear cut response I have heard and that makes sense! Thanks for taking the time to break it down Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Can Someone Help Me Understand Astral Projection (I think its happening to me)   

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Can Someone Help Me Understand Astral Projection (I think its happening to me)
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