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 Yet another zombie apocalypse dream

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Yet another zombie apocalypse dream Empty
PostSubject: Yet another zombie apocalypse dream   Yet another zombie apocalypse dream EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 10:00 am

Here's the strange dream I had last night.

Quote :
Donít remember all of it anymore.

I was at first with a group of others hiding in some sort of huge place, like a shed or something somewhere; we were all young, I think meant to be teenagers or otherwise young adults. We were living there to hide from something, not sure what; I think it was the zombie apocalypse or something like that. Anyway it was always dark where we were but we were really safe and secure there.

Then we were invaded by some other people, some older folks; we knew who they were. I think they were some sort of group that still functioned outside, that were rounding up people who were still alive and useful to mak some sort of eugenics colony. I thought of them as Naziís in the dream, and they pretty much were. They gathered us all in one spot in our large room and started questioning us about what abilities we had; could we work with this, did we know anything about that, etc. I wanted to lie, to not answer truthfully so theyíd leave me alone, but myself and the others could answer yes to almost all of the questions.

One of our group who had been really annoying to the main lady who was asking us all these questions said no to all of them; he really did lack the skills they were asking about but he was also just trying to make it hard for them. The lady, when done with her questions, smiled and said she was glad it was over so she could do this; she shot him with a revolver.

I donít remember what happens after this. I think we leave the stronghold we had built and when we get outside no one is prepared for the zombies; we are all split up somehow on the way to the compound, and eventually myself and some other person, I think itís actually the Nazi woman, are on a place just like the farm. We are hiding on one of the units that dispenses grain to the cows, and we can see someone in the pens next to us; itís my dad and one other person who seem to currently be safe from the zombies as well. Then two other girls, still alive (I had a smaller seperate dream about them it seems and then they entered into this one) come to the pen and try to get inside. They bring tonnes of zombies to our area and we know that if we donít act, weíll all die.

I take the womanís little radio and get on it; my dad has the other one for some reason. I tell him that weíre going to run for the lockdown that was established by the Naziís in the barn; weíre going to open it up and once its ready call for them. He agrees and myself and the lady make a run for it; we open up the lock down (which kinda doesnít seem all that secure, in the dream I was expecting it to be underground. Instead, itís just a bunch of really strong bars set up all over the place to fortify the really old barn). In the back or supposedly most secure part of the lockdown there is a door with just a simple lock on it, like any household door. She tells me ďoh yeah, donít touch that; it doensít lock well. If we donít draw attention to it we should be fineĒ.

I open it anyways, because I know itís the perfect place for them to come in and that there is a more secure place in the middle of this lockdown, and she radios them. I donít know what happensÖ suddenly it seems we are outside or there is no roof, because there is sun and we are on the driveway where my parentís house is in reality, not very far away. Weíre surrounded but suddenly the zombies seem to be changing; they go back to humans again, their horrible and distorted faces repairing themselves, their skintone returning to normal. One of them comes up to me as it changes and throws its arms around me in a hug; Iím scared because this person looked kinda scary even as a human, and I keep expecting to get bitten.

I go with someone who I think is my mother in law in real life to go looking for a dog she lost before it all began; as we get closer to the barn again and to the far end of the farmyard, it seems refugees are coming back from somewhere, and that we had been separated during the whole zombie thing from whomever these people were.
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Yet another zombie apocalypse dream
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