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 Music and interpreation of the mind

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Music and interpreation of the mind Empty
PostSubject: Music and interpreation of the mind   Music and interpreation of the mind EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 6:55 pm

I was wondering if any one else on the site knows of or has same thing i do?

when ever i hear a sound, word, noise of music track, my mind interprets it as either a colour, moving image (3d/4d with colour) or an animation

for example,

the word "mum" in a clear english/brittish accent, (although depends on the individuals accent and vocal tone,etc) gets interpreted as an up and then downward moving "A" shape with out the middle line, followed by a sharply rising curved line,

however, in a female asutralian accent, I get the mage of blue sky background with a perfect sphere of water with the back ground moving anti-clock wise for the short duration of the word

how a person's accent and word formation is interpreted often results in whether or not i'll like the accent in general and what memmories it'll bring forward or be ascociated with,

some words or accents are confusing and often cant be interpreted as anything, but the sound of the tone,etc will determin whether or not i like it,

the fun bit is, certain words, regardless of meaning, sound appealing, for example "malice" (Mal -is :- to derive pleasure from the suffering or pain of others ) before i knew what this word meant, my mind conjured the image of an old fashoned doylie with frilly edges for use as a coaster/coffee mat

further examples of what i experience will apply to music,

certain genres of music, from classic, rock, metal to tv theme tunes get the same treatment,

take the tv theme tunes from star gate SG1, Atlantis and star trek voyager, each one uses string or string sounded music,

however, certain genres such as hiphop, death metal and anything with a beat thats way too fast and often used in nightclubs are really unappealing to me as my brain cant seem to interpret the music as anything as theres only two or 3 "layers" of music, the tempo is too quick and the lyrics are either inaudiable or abscent,

when it comes to music, i build a mental picture of 5 "bands" of music, or 5 lines or musical string, to my mind, "strings" 1,2,3 and 5 are almost allways used in popular and good music, band 4 is almost allways inactive, i dont know why but im guessing thats the band subliminal messages are inserted into (which is illeagle to my knowledge)

music tracks i really enjoy listening to often fall or appear in a certain speed range depending on what mood is intended, likewise, they provide enough "material" for my mind to convert into colour and images as well as animations to try and put a story to what im hearing

i.e "set you free" by N-trance - a heavy rainstorm at the beginning, a woman describes how love, litterally can "set you free" when its with the right person, the euphoria, happyness and joy you can feel with the right person, just being with them can make the world seem a happy and truely great place just being with that one other person, its as if you can fly without wings through the air with your combined love alone,

another example would be something more artistic like "southern sun" by paul oakenfold lyrics sung by carla Werna, her song (to me) describes/is interpreted as "travel music" i.e something that makes you feel you can travel vast distances with minimum effort in a very short space of time, the main lyrics conjur up the pre star gate atlantis gate travel, (the blue patches of cloud effects at the top and bottom of the "worm hole" passing a near-by star) passing through the worm hole and out the otherside, your thrown into the air like you can fly, free from everything you've escaped from, free to live your new life amungst the wildlife and plants of a new world where troubles dont exsist anymore

one track in poticular i listen to when im walking:

"Show me a sign" by Kontact


(apologies for the anime video, it was the only one i could find that had a fully loading song of this version, not the many various club mixes and apologies for the track being cut short)

for all intents and purposes, this music is almost "perfect" the music is uplifting and i can feel my own inner energies get stronger with every second i listen to the track, the music is the perfect speed, the back ground instroment effects are just right and lyrics are perfect,

the track to me, for mental animation conversion purposes, conjures an image of some with angel wings, spreading them out fully and taking off into space, stopping briefly a distance away from a pure white light, from there, i imagen a 360 degree circular floor pannel with coloured lights (blue,yellow,etc) moving up and down with each beat and music noise like a...i guess the best word to use (because i dont know what its called) is a sound board, most cd and stero players have them or had them,

I was wondering if any one has or can do what i described above?

the genres that most appeal to me (depending on the tracks and if they meet the criteria) are (some) pop, rock, metal, goth metal, gothic rock, symphonic metal, some old skool (spelt that way) trance, some house, classical, some club, a lot of tv themetunes (depending on which instroments are used), some techno (again depends on which type, track and music,etc)

I will admit, i am an emotional person and music often affects my mood, sometimes i want to relax, others I want to be caught up in a dramatic moment or event, others i'll just want something i can travel to so that i can pass the time
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Music and interpreation of the mind Empty
PostSubject: Re: Music and interpreation of the mind   Music and interpreation of the mind EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 9:11 pm

Well, pathwalkeruk, I don't picture things that are out of context with the word I hear. If I hear mom, I picture my mom.

Though I don't picture random images with one word, I can imagine an entire, extremely detailed, scene when listening to some songs. A scene such as one of a battle.

It starts off a barren landscape. Red skies above, waves crashing on the face of the land. A volcano rises into view, the smoke from its top kissing the sky. The feeling is ominous.

As you go by in a overhead view, you see one side with humans, and another with vampires. Then the song starts full power.

Vampires and humans rush towards each other, yelling their battle cries. Swords are swung, guns are fired. As the symbols crash, so do the swords and waves.

Intricate fighting. Bloodshed. This goes on until you reach a scene inside the volcano, deep within its caverns.

The human general and the vampire queen race to a tower under the earth (note it's supposed to be a hidden layer of darkness).

As they climb the tower, they fight, pushing, shooting, stabbing. Then, they reach the tower room. A heart lies in a sealed box. This is the heart of the vampire, stolen millenium's ago.

There's a raging battle between the general and the vampire, who's trying to protect her heart.

The general smashes the box and grabs the beating heart.

The vampire feels a sharp pain deep within her chest.

As the general reaches to the peak of the volcano, the queen is crawling behind him.

The song goes almost silent. The general lifts his hand to the sky, holding the heart in his grasp.

He laughs manically, drops the heart in the volcano.

As the song nears it's end, you get the remainder of the battle in view. Then as the song slows, the heart falls in slow motion and burn in the lava.

The last few, nearly silent and calm bars echo the end of the battle. The humans have won, for now.

The vampire queen's kin circle around her and weep; her body is strewn across the ground, appearing as if she is gone forever.

That's what I see when I listen to some songs.

Don't steal it, because if you do, I'm going to come after you.

lol : D

You aren't the only one to picture these things.
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Music and interpreation of the mind
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