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 Photographs/pictures and colours/aura's

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Photographs/pictures and colours/aura's Empty
PostSubject: Photographs/pictures and colours/aura's   Photographs/pictures and colours/aura's EmptyWed Mar 11, 2009 9:37 am

Hello again!

just a quick note, is this the right place to post an empath related question?

if not please remove this post and let me know,

I was wondering if there were any other empaths on this site who get readings from photographs or pictures (i.e digital cameras, mobile/cell phone pictures,etc)?

I can usually got a clear reading of people from a picture of photo if its big enough and within 2 weeks old (normal photograph size) however, if its something bigger, like a picture stretched out over a canvis frame (i dont know what their called, sorry) and the image is the right size i can get emotions, temperatures,etc but the one main over all i'd like to know is,

what do the shapes and colours in photo's mean?

for clarity, i'll describe and example

in a photo (when take at the right distance, angle,etc) of a single person, i can some times get coloured shapes, i.e a door stop or cheese shaped wedge, a flat rectangular block,etc

most often each shape has a colour assigned to it, the only shape i know from experience is a sphere or an orb, small in size, this usually indicates a secret of a serious or personal matter depending on colour

the only colours i have seen so far are:

Powder pink,



very dark..yet bright royal blue

and on accasions, red

on a recent reading, i read what looked like a covering sheet or fabric sheet used to divide of rooms like a make shift wall, it was black and from analysis, this was an attempt to make the sheet "blend in" with its surroundings, but it was "covering" or hiding something painful

could some one either get in touch with me via e-mail or private message, or better yet, list what shapes and/or all colours mean? I havnt seen the full range of colours or shapes yet i.e orange, purple, brown, grey (of any shade/tone) but if i could have some information to copy down fo future reference that'd be great,


- Pathwalkeruk
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Photographs/pictures and colours/aura's
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