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 Astral Projection and Err, Something

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PostSubject: Astral Projection and Err, Something   Mon Feb 16, 2009 10:07 pm

Many many years ago, when I was in med school, I met this guy who told he had a crush on me, and based on our birthdays, he calculated and found out we were 95% compatible...sexually.

And that he knew astral projection, and can, uhm, do sexual stuff to me to me astrally. I got very scared and completely stopped talking to him.

But is it true? Could he really have done that?

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Female Cancer Goat
Number of posts : 25
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Age : 39
Location : Walton, KY USA

PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection and Err, Something   Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:51 am

In case you didn't read this in my intro..........

I am very new to my abilities. I only discovered them a few years ago. I was asleep around 2am and was awakened by a disturbing "dream." I saw my ex-boyfriend get the side of his truck rammed while going through an intersection by a car that had run the red light. When I woke up for the day a few hours later, I called his mom to see if she had spoken with him and proceeded to tell her about my dream. That was Thursday morning. He called her on Sunday to tell her that he was involved in an accident and described it to her just as I had. A week later, the same thing happened. he was involved in another accident in his rental car. He lived (and still lives) out in the boonies and a deer ran out into the road. He swerved to miss the deer and drove straight into a 15 foot deep ravine off the side of the road. Next morning, same thing, I called his mom and a few days later he called her and told her what had happened. I didn't know at the time that what had happened was remote viewing.
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Male Aries Tiger
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Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection and Err, Something   Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:38 am

i've got a question about astral projection,

i was talking with V last night and the night before, shes been helping me with a spirit i've been seeing, and I managed to astral project for the first time, i could see my astral projection as a cyan blueish green outline of myself, i waved my astral arm to be sure it was me, i could see through my astral self and saw my aura field and psychic shield, the only thing is, i dont know if im still projecting now or how to turn the projection on and off,

also, last nite i sensed a spirit or..projected person...

its male, adult...20's - 30's, its shape is pure white like a chalk or marble statue, its still there now, its standing, pointing at me with its left arm and its not doing anything...i asked V and she doesnt seem to know anything about it or what it is,

i should make something clear, what i can sense is axactly like a statue, its not transparrent and smokey like a spirit or projection...am i just imagening it? or is it something i should be concerned about?
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Female Leo Rat
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Age : 34
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection and Err, Something   Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:32 am

Hey Pathwalker,

Some people are born with the natural ability to see energy physically. I believe what you saw was in fact energetic, but your mind is perceiving it as physical. It used to be common in the old days, before the 15th century for people to see the energy caused by magick, that's why in movies and folklore they always say there was some puff of smoke or some shot of energy, or some orb, it's because people from the past could see the energy physically.

As for what it exactly was I still have no idea, but I know you shouldn't be too worried about this ability opening up for you, it's a good thing!


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Male Aries Tiger
Number of posts : 48
Birthday : 1986-04-16
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection and Err, Something   Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:37 am


Thanks for giving some insight, im going to try and scan it some more to see if i can get any new information on it, it seems to read like a solid object...only...energetic

could it be ....a shell or casing of something thats been here...a locator beacon/statue for something or some one to find me or thats looking to go somewhere on a route?.... or perhabs a "guardian" (non angel type)? i've sensed a large group of guardians in my room once a few months back, they were standing round in an arc shape in two rows wearing white with their faces covered by something white...wearing what looked like choir robes, there was a lot of light coming from them, i asked a friend who's a psychic what they were for, she didnt seem to know, she suggested to watch over me..

maybe what im sensing is...a message of some description? at first i thought it my astral projection that got stuck...but then again I dont know how to start or stop projecting...or if im doing it now come to think of it...any advice anyone?
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PostSubject: Re: Astral Projection and Err, Something   

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Astral Projection and Err, Something
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