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 The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!

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Female Leo Rat
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PostSubject: The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!   The 10 Planets and Their Meanings! EmptyFri Feb 13, 2009 12:56 pm

The Planets

Zodiac - Leo
House - 1st House
Chakra - Root
Major Arcana - The Sun
Minor Arcana - Ace of Wands

This never made much sense to me actually. The Sun is a star, not a planet, and it has different meaning to the entire world rather than the simplistic, center of attention, aspect of self, personal ego and individual energies that seem to surround it. The Sun is more a source of divine energy. No, it's not a God, but it is a source of energy, therefore, we literally drain physical energy from the sun. The sun represents the aspect of self that is related to the physical, the instinctual survival energies of the animistic personality within one. The Sun is primitive energy, it relates to the obvious energy of The Sun in the Major Arcana, showing the very primitive need for glory and recognition, belonging and prestige in the world, and it relates to the Minor Arcana's Ace of Wands, being the first inspiration to creativity, and the first fire known to the world. In the chakra system, the Sun would be the root, which is in much contradiction to the root being connected with the Earth, but we will get there since in most of astrology we use the Sun and forget to mention the Earth and what its connection is to our souls. Regardless, the Sun is the primitive, physical energy, instinctual, survivalism, animistic, and embodiment of the first, the native, and the eternal energy.

Zodiac - Gemini
House - 3rd House
Chakra - Sacral
Major Arcana - The Magician
Minor Arcana - 10 of Swords

Mercury is often looked at as the planet of speed and communication. This is very true. It is closest to the Sun and therefore, it is the planetary influence that will speed the energy from the Sun that is transmitted to the human energy field. That might be hard to understand, but as the Sun's rays leave the sun to travel into the human energy field, those rays pass through Mercury which brings speed to the rays, they pass through Venus as well, and therefore, we can think of the Sun, Mercury and Venus energies all being connected to the Sun because they are giving us something from within and not something from without. Therefore, back to Mercury, when Mercury is in action communication will be speedy, impulsive, smooth, suave, and effective in getting either a positive or negative effect. The curse of Mercury is that it basically forces people into impulsive action, and forces people to talk too much, the term putting your foot in your mouth came from the planetary energies of Mercury. This means that events will come and go quickly in one's life. Mercury is related to the 3rd house in astrology for its ability to communicate, and it is related to the sacral chakra which signifies our physical connection to those in our lives, Mercury is the networker, and much like the Sacral chakra that makes connections with friends, family, and lovers, so does Mercury create those connections. Mercury also relates to The Magician in the major arcana because of the way Mercury works only with what is on the surface, only that which is known, and that which can be processed quickly. Mercury relates to the 10 of swords in the minor arcana because of its speed to bring about new situations and cleanse the old energies. Overall, Mercury is the impulsive, communicative, net worker, speedy planet that will bring things both in and out of life with grace and power. Taking a ride down the paths Mercury presents gives one a wild ride!

Zodiac - Taurus
House - 5th House
Chakra - Solar Plexus
Major Arcana - The Empress
Minor Arcana - 2 of Cups

Ah, the poisonous acid rain clouds of Venus, the perfect serenade within the night sky. I think the only reason Venus became the planet of love was because of the intoxication of the clouds, who knew, the energy from Venus is really an aphrodisiac, like the sting of cupid's arrow, there is something else in those clouds besides acid rain that will melt your skin off their bones. Regardless, Venus is considered the planet of love and romance, and the energies from Venus come combined often times with the energies of the sun and mercury. This shows that the energy from Venus is really for a physical, lustful and chemical reaction of love. Venus is more the mating planet, the cycle of procreation that many animals participate in each year when the time is ripe. Therefore, Venus is connected to the Solar Plexus because the only reason humans engage in chemical romances is for the love drunk feeling they intoxicate themselves with. Responding to the energies of Venus allow one to feel at one with oneself for being able to feel the comfort and love of another. In truth, the relationships spawned by Venus are not soulmates relationships, they are relationships bred of a personal need to feel as though another understands us, and to turn to that aspect of romance allows the soul to find someone that is compatible, but not necessarily one that is the lifetime partner one seeks. This connects to Taurus in the same way because Taurus is in love with the idea of love, and should they find another deep soul, that is as artistically, musically, or creatively inclined as themselves they will gravitate towards that force. Venus connects to the 5th House because of its ability to find creative minds that will work alike with creative minds. In the major arcana it is associated with The Empress, which is to say that the aspect of motherhood that the Empress embodies is the one that Venus upholds. The ability to find a husband, create a home and ask no questions about the higher purposes in life is where Venus gets this energy. In the minor arcana, Venus symbolizes the 2 of cups, which signifies the way people will couple up and be with one another out of a personal need, not out of a responsibility to their partner. It's very one sided with Venus, when Cupid's arrow hits, the one infected will fall for the first person they see, in the same way Venus embodies this idea, and the 2 of cups embodies the idea that people are coupling up for the sake of being together rather than alone. Overall, Venus is the infatuated, intoxicated, chemical, physical, personal need aspect of love that some seek.

Zodiac - Virgo
House - 2nd House
Chakra - Root
Major Arcana - Strength
Minor Arcana - Four of Pentacles

Earth has never been discussed because it would throw off the very fabric of Astrology. However, Earth has a very important place, and with the insertion of Earth into the rotation of planets, it changes the meanings of many of the planets, and provides an entirely new look at the world itself. There have always been 10 planetary energy influences upon our being within astrology, and as most of us have realized in many aspects, we look for identification from without, and forget to look from within. Looking at the Earth as a whole, and as a planet that has an influence on our being isn't a new idea, it's a rather old idea that has been skipped over because of the narrow minded views of those who refused to look on the inside, on what is closest to our being. The fact therefore remains, that Earth has the strongest influence upon our being because it is the planet upon which we live, and interact with on a daily basis. We may only feel the brush of Mercury as it enters and exists our lives, we may feel the hit of Venus' arrow once in our life, and it could spell the rest of our life for us if we take that path. We might only have the opportunity to feel the waves of Saturn's rings once every three lifetimes, but the Earth, we will always feel the Earth. Therefore, the Earth is our home ground, our soul is connected directly to the center of the Earth's core, and it is true therefore, that in physical reality, one cannot travel too far from the Earth because to break a link with the Earth is to break our link with life itself. We rely upon the Earth to provide, and thus, we live. The Earth is connected to the 2nd house in astrology because of its association with possessions and money. This is what the Earth gives to us in order to live, the clothes on our back, the shelter above our heads, and the food from the land. The Earth provides every physical comfort we desire in this world, and therefore, it represents the 2nd House in astrology. The Earth is also connected to the Root, much like the Sun, this is because the Earth is the Anchor, the Earth keeps us grounded and intelligent, through telepathy the Earth teaches us how to work its soil, how to grow its trees, how to tend and care for it, and therefore, the root is just as connected to the Earth as it is to the Sun because the Earth teaches, and the Sun gives us the physical energy to carry out the work on the Earth. Earth is also connected to Virgo in the sense that we are the servants of the land, and the Virgo is the eternal servant of the Zodiac, always thinking of how they can help others before they help themselves. Earth is connected to the major arcana card of Strength because it houses us from the dangers of the universe around us, creates an atmosphere, and an ozone layer to shield us, it is a strong, living organism that protects us both from ourselves, and from the universe. The Earth cleanses itself when the humans get too out of hand, and does not feel remorse for this, for it knows that new humans will take the place of those who have harmed the Earth. The Earth therefore is also connected to the 4 of Pentacles, which gives us our strong and solid foundation of life, allowing us a base of operations where by we can call home. In a word, the Earth is the most powerful of all planetary energies because of our relationship with it, and its relationship with us. We could not live without it, and it could not live without us.

Zodiac - Cancer
Chakra - Heart
House - 6th House
Major Arcana - The High Priestess
Minor Arcana - 7 of Cups

The Emotional Moon, A la Moon, for centuries people have been exploring the Moon and what it means to us, and for once it is the first of many higher energies that influences our lives. The Moon represents the inner emotions of our being. The Moon represents the feeling within our souls, and the inner voice that is unknown to us. The Moon has often been referred to as the romantic vessel, when really it is what is hidden underneath the surface of each person. The Moon yes, is moody like the cancer personality, they shift in and out of phases, which bring about different energies. The moon at times is in alignment both with the Earth and Sun, but it also moves outside of that alignment and brings about the chaotic energetic emotions of opposition that allow one to think and act accordingly and change their outer perspective on life. The Moon is connected to the Heart chakra because of the way it influences the heart. The saying, the heart just wasn't in it, this comes from the moon's shifts and changes, allowing the true emotions of the situation to surface. In the houses, the Moon is related to the 6th House of healing, in this way emotions do heal, allowing one to walk the path they feel their heart must walk, instead of listening to their head. In this way the Moon acts as a healer to the heart, a healer to the emotions within the body, and allows one to truly feel intuitively about their path. In the major arcana the Moon is related to the High Priestess which is to say that much remains underneath the surface, and one must continue to pull apart and raise their vibrations to find those aspects of self that are hidden from themselves. Finally, the moon is also related to the 7 of cups, in the sense that the moon gives introspection, wisdom, zen and peace to the human being, allowing them to feel and explore who they are inside. Overall, the moon is the inner consciousness, the inner emotional self, the deeper, more awakened part of ourselves, the subconscious and the soon to be enlightened soul.

Zodiac - Aries
House - 2nd House
Chakra - Throat
Major Arcana - The Fool
Minor Arcana - 8 of Swords

The previously populated dragon planet Mars. Of power and war and anger and rebellion. Of red sand and frozen core, of mystery and illusion, and of great scientific curiosity. Mars is the planet of war, of aggression, and of impulsive action. Mars has always been a planet of male domination, a planet of strength and power, and here when I look at it, I see it as a planet of fools and egos. It is truly an egotistical planet, thinking only of money and possessions to determine a person's worth, thinking only of childish dreams to become the star of the show, thinking only of itself, and not of those around it. Mars is truly the center of the universe if there ever was to be one, and it takes its reign over the sun all the time. However, this is a false power, it is a false reality. Mars is just an icy rock that's long since failed its mission. Mars is like the fool jumping off the cliff to find gold, it is the fool by the fact that if dives in head first and barely thinks of the consequences. Mars also simply speaks, but does not think of what they will say, therefore it is like diarrhea of the mouth. I equate them to the throat for their sense of expression, it is all about their dominance, power and control over others that drives them. In the minor arcana they are like to the 8 of swords, which is authoritative, dominant, corrupted, power hungry and hard. Overall, a very POWERFUL, resilient, and dominant ego planet.


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Female Leo Rat
Number of posts : 534
Birthday : 1984-08-06
Age : 34
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PostSubject: Re: The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!   The 10 Planets and Their Meanings! EmptyFri Feb 13, 2009 12:57 pm

Zodiac - Libra
House - 11th House
Chakra - 8th Chakra
Major Arcana - The Hanged Man
Minor Arcana - 6 of Swords

Well this was harder than it looks. Jupiter, the only clues to is that it's a big planet, it's gassy and it's the planet of luck and wisdom. Those two things don't go well together because luck can be equated to the Magician playing his tricks and same with the fool. So, I would say that Jupiter is more the planet of success than of luck. I have equated it to the personality of Libra in the sense that it is an aristocratic planet concerned with the higher thought process of a person. Libras also tend to be the socialites in society, and therefore since Jupiter is the largest planet. If we go then into the chakras, it is the 8th chakra, just outside the asteroid belt, it represents the connection to the higher spiritual chakras, and that slight lift out of the body. As we can see, from the Sun to Mars there is a common theme that relates to our physical body. The planets outside of the asteroid belt however, do not relate to our physical, but to our spiritual body, our subconscious, our higher self and our soul and spirit. Jupiter is the awakening of the soul into higher wisdom, into the ability to succeed. It is the hanged man, the spiritual symbol of sacrifice, it is the fasting that have come to learn of a small portion of enlightenment along their spiritual journey. Jupiter represents the 6 of swords as well, in the sense that it is ever generous, providing a lot to be found in the awakened path and it aids us in manifesting our goals in the physical. Jupiter leads to success in all ways.

Zodiac - Capricorn
House - 10th House
Chakra - 10th Chakra
Major Arcana - Heirophant
Minor Arcana - 9 of Pentacles

Saturn, often referred to as Zeus in the Greek mythology. Saturn is referred to the Capricorn because of its rules, its rings and its sense of order and rulership. Saturn is the father we never want to face when we've done something wrong. It is equated to Capricorn, the sign of mastery, conformity and the ability to follow. Saturn represents our 10th house of career and status, Saturn chooses what type of life we will have, and who will respect us and who will not. Where as Jupiter houses our hopes and dreams in the 11th house, so Saturn places those hopes and dreams into physical action and shows us where those hopes and dreams will take us in reality. Saturn also represents the 9th chakra, as we move away from the world and realize our full potential we therefore realize who we are to the world and realize what our true status and potential in the world really is. It is as though Saturn combines the thoughts of our spirit and soul with the physical body to create harmony along the path. In the tarot it is the heirophant, combining our beliefs with those of society and helping us move forward in a proper way. In the minor arcana Saturn is represented by the 9 of pentacles.

Zodiac - Pisces
House - 8th House
Chakra - 10th Chakra
Major Arcana - Hermit
Minor Arcana - 5 of Wands

Uranus, planet of mystery, and the butt of many good butt jokes. Uranus is usually shrouded in mystery, it is the planet represented by Pisces, the internal processes, the inner subconscious emotions, the path to the higher self and the soul. Uranus is truly a self discovery planet, it represents the 8th house of death, transitions and rebirths and it is very true. Uranus is the hermit with the walking stick going through the mists of one's self. It is also represented by the 5 of wands, the creative way to adapt, change and transcend one's self to the higher states of consciousness and mind. Represents the 10th chakra on the way to the higher self.

Zodiac - Aquarius
House - 9th House
Chakra - 11th Chakra
Major Arcana - Temperance
Minor Arcana - 3 of Cups

The major breakthrough of Neptune, allows our mind to truly understand ourselves and our place in the universe. Neptune is the barrier between the two worlds, the physical plane and the plane of the higher self. Neptune allows us that final boost to finding who we are. Represents temperance in the major arcana, the balance we must reach within ourselves in order to move forward on our path. It is also represented by the minor arcana 3 of cups that represents the emotional inspiration, artistic vision, and optimism. Neptune is also represented by the 9th house, of philosophy and higher education. The personality of Neptune is Aquarius, which shows the genius in the world, the ability to reach higher levels of intelligence and enlightenment.

Zodiac - Sagittarius
House - 12th House
Chakra - 12th Chakra
Major Arcana - Death
Minor Arcana - Page

Not in the regular specs of astrology. Pluto is no longer the 9th planet, as it does not have the same orbit around the sun as the other planets. Pluto is off balance and Pluto is that planet where the higher self does exist. Pluto represents the higher self. It is personalized by the constellation Sagittarius which it is named after the moon of Pluto, Chiron. Some will claim that Pluto has no astrological pull, it is bereft of the path, however, Pluto represents two things, it is the highest point to our soul selves and it's the path to rebirth as one's higher self, as one's soul. Pluto is represented by the Death card in the Tarot, showing a true transformation of the soul. The minor arcana equates this by being the page in all suits of the tarot. Pluto is the higher self, the 12th chakra, the 12th house of subconscious mysteries, and the planet of transformation and rebirth as the higher self and soul.


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PostSubject: Re: The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!   The 10 Planets and Their Meanings! EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 2:15 am

Yep I can concur with that!
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PostSubject: Re: The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!   The 10 Planets and Their Meanings! EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 11:30 am

I still refuse to believe that Pluto is no longer a planet. They cannot teach children that for a thousand years and then turn around an be like 'oh our bad, but its okay we'll just change everything you ever thought you knew to conform with some D-bag's new discovery'

:/----- thats my anger face
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PostSubject: Re: The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!   The 10 Planets and Their Meanings! Empty

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The 10 Planets and Their Meanings!
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