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 The Positive Effects of Positive Thinking

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PostSubject: The Positive Effects of Positive Thinking   The Positive Effects of Positive Thinking EmptyFri Feb 13, 2009 12:49 pm

The Power Within You

It’s hard to think about a world connected, it’s hard to see how one action affects the next which affects the next and the next. It’s hard to see how every move a person makes ultimately decides their future.
First, take a look at the energetic aspect of it. Each and every person has an energy field, an aura that extends the length of their arms outstretched. This is literally a little energy bubble that each and every person lives in that comes with many layers of energy. The first and foremost way that a person communicates is through their energy field. For instance a person who is upset will go to the grocery store, and interact with a bubbly clerk. They smile, and though they don’t touch or exchange any strong words other than the frequent, “Have a nice day!” The person who was upset leaves feeling slightly upbeat, and less upset. This is because their interaction with the clerk’s energy field interacted with their own and created a change in the energy field. Subsequently, the happy bubbly person after encountering more than one upset person may begin to feel not as bubbly due to their energy field exchanging with so many other energy fields.
This is somewhat an exaggeration as most people with pep and happiness tend to make other people happy until something within their personal life or environment makes them feel down. This could be little things like the car not starting, receiving bad news from a loved one, or even aching feet after an eight hour day. Regardless, the message is that each and every person’s energy field changes constantly throughout the day based on their current state of mind, and in turn affects other people within their physical proximity.
Most metaphysical consultants will spend time everyday in meditation in order to raise their aura levels to a higher positive and spiritual level so that they can provide clients with accurate, honest, and detailed readings, which help to uplift the client and make them aware of their surroundings and changes coming into their lives. Of course, metaphysical consultants are not the only ones with energy fields that need fine tuning, as everyone can benefit from the therapeutic affects of meditation, in order to allow their own energy field to affect others in a positive way. Negative thinking will result in a negative energy field and consequently affect others in a negative way. Knowing that every person has the power to affect others and bring a smile to their face is important.
Next time you’re out and about, try thinking positively to get a smile out of someone!
Positive thoughts react positively on others, negative thoughts result negatively on others. But how does one’s thoughts relate directly to their own future path? This is a question that has long since been answered by the psychic community through the key words, “Free Will” which makes everyone think that no matter what the future path is, it can change based on “Free Will.” But has anyone every explained exactly what “Free Will” means? Free Will is literally referring to the power of your own mind!
Each person has hundreds of thoughts racing through their psyche everyday. These thoughts categorize themselves into three components, thoughts of what one needs to do, thoughts of what one does not want to do, and thoughts of what one desires to do. Of these three types of thought patterns, two will result in action taken, while the last will be blocked by negative after thoughts.
For instance, someone is interested in taking the next step with their relationship. Their mind has a desire to be with their significant other on a permanent basis. The thoughts form in their mind on what they will say to make the next step occur, and somewhere along the lines, a negative thought creeps into their head, and they stop thinking, and turn the thought process off, causing the next move to remain suspended in time in their head. By doing this, that someone actually delaying and prolonging their own future path because they refuse to take the step forward, and keep it locked up in their psyche.
Many people do this, have doubts about their future, second guess the action they want to take, and even create excuses, blocks and reasons why the future they envision for themselves, plainly won’t unfold the way they plan. By thinking negatively, they in fact hold back their path, and instead of having the future they envisioned, they become stuck in dead end loops, jobs that go nowhere, relationships that become stale, life becomes mundane because their mind could not stop blocking itself from reaching its own potential.
Metaphysical consultants for years have been battling this struggle of inner wits so to speak, and the answer is simple, think positively about your life, recognize those who are constantly blocking themselves, and always associate yourself with those who are moving forward in their lives, not backwards into loops and ruts. By first taking control of your own thoughts, and deciding to live a life thinking positively, you can control your own future outcome, and help others to live the life they want too. Remember, every time someone comes to a Metaphysical consultant, they are only looking at the best and highest possible outcome for the individual client, helping to either free them from that which brings them down, or give them hope for what can bloom into happiness, peace and joy in their lives, and while they can see and guide, it takes positive thinking for the highest good to occur in anyone’s life.
Every morning when you wake up, try telling yourself that today will be a good day, and see how much you glow and flourish everyday!


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The Positive Effects of Positive Thinking
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