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 my friend's dream

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my friend's dream Empty
PostSubject: my friend's dream   my friend's dream EmptySat Jan 31, 2009 9:14 am

hi i have this friend and she was asking me if i can give her idea what her dream means. i usually juts check my dream on dream dictionary but things would still be different if they are with other things lol i hope am making sense anyways i will post her dream and maybe someone can help me too lol
thanks in advance xxx

this is what she sent me:
"in my dream i saw my professor in the library with my brods and sisses (sorrority). he was reviewing them for taxation exam. one of my sisses saw me and asked why i'm outside and that i should join the tax review. i told her that i will just follow her in the library. i went to the powder room and saw my hair was such a mess and i cannot fix it. i decided not to attend the review class. on my way out, i heard my professor said, "oh where is miss A(referring to me), i thought she'll be coming." one of my sisses saw me and she shouted that "miss A is here." i felt embarassed, i ignore them calling me and i left. i was sad. my parents saw me and asked what happened. i told them that my professor did not include me in the review and that i was harassed by him. my parents got mad. they call the police and subsequently my professor was put in jail. he send a message asking who did that to him and that he was very mad. my father reply.. "k" (that's my name). my professor replied, "are you sure you're the one who did this? i can't believe that you can do this to me." then another message, "actually that tax leakage was a favor for you from me."
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PostSubject: Re: my friend's dream   my friend's dream EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 6:32 am

a betrayal dream, the feeling of having wronged another. this other is a person you look up to as wiser in matters of the heart.
the tax is an account of actions. chemistry is love, school is a social grouping. this persons dream is a reflection of the previous days thoughts not actions.
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my friend's dream
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