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 Some of my past life memories

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PostSubject: Some of my past life memories   Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:42 pm

Pardon the cut and paste job, but I have written up a bit about my past lives elsewhere and thought I would start a discussion here by sharing my memories. I'm open to questions, if anyone has any!

Quote :
Japan - Unknown Time

In this life, I was a female, in a family that was near to royalty. We wanted for nothing.

I donít know what I looked like, but I do know that I wore bright colors in this life. It is one of the things my guides have told me I should once again incorporate in this one.

I had a husband who treated me well, and two daughters, it seems to me that they were twins. I secretly taught them to read, something which was looked down upon as an activity for females at the time. I had a son, as well, though I told him nothing. It feels as though he was more under my husbandís supervision, the girls under mine.

I donít remember much, most of this I was told during a session of channeling with a family friend. I have had only a brief sensation on my own, of sitting in a room that was used for storage, the wooden floors dark, seeing my delicate hands. I was opening a box to see what was inside, it had a nicely fitted lid, something that might have held clothes. There was dust in the air, I could smell it, and get the vague sense that I was going to tell the house keeping staff to clean in there more carefully.

France - Unknown Time

In this life I was again female, and lived in France, probably in the area of the 1500ís or so. Not very sure at all on the date, but it was in no way recent.

In this life, I was a painter, and part of some sort of group or guild of similar artists. This was apparently a great source of happiness for me, as I was in a group of people with similar interests whom I could talk to, have fun with, and who understood me for who I was.

In this life, I knew my current boyfriend. He was a sculptor, and liked to incorporate objects into his sculptures.

This life is, as well, something that I did not remember on my own, it was revealed to me during a channeling session by a family friend.

Arctic - Unknown Time

This was a life of solitude.

I was a male in this one, somewhere in the far north, but in a time before there were even any countries, before the world was divided.

It was very cold and desolate. I hated the cold, but since I had no idea anything else existed, I stayed where I was.

Not much is known about this life. It was another one revealed to me during a channeling session done by a family friend. It gives me a great sense of being alone, though. I think in some way I remember it, feel it, remember being alone and feeling a sort of despair.

Unknown Place (possibly renaissance Italy) - Unknown Time

This is based on a dream that Iíve had, and based on my analysis of the dream over the past few years, I have come to determine it is most likely a past life memory.

It has details that I cannot recall from other dreams, details that still exist years later, while other dreams fade by the end of the day they were done, mostly.

So, without further delay, here it is.

There was a church. It seemed like it was an old church, and fairly large. It had stone everywhere, stone walls, floorsÖ and the pews were all wood, that typical sort of wood you see in churches, all stained the same color.

At the altar at the front, there was a door to the left and right. Facing the altar, the door to the right was sort of a screen door, off to a private living area. I was brough through this area, and into another sort of door. This door was in line and visible with the first door that led back to the altar.

I was shoved through this door by a man who was a priest, it seemed. Or THE priest, or at least a major part of the church. It was locked up tight behind me. I remember being afraid of the man, and looking through the holes in the ornate carving of my locked door. It had wonderful wood carving, and a screen between the holes in the carving. It made me feel closed in.

I watched the man walk away after locking me in. He was absorbed in his happiness for getting me there, and went off to do who knows what. I was afraid of his return.

I backed away from the door after surveying what I could see through it, and looking into the area I was put. It was a little bedroom, the walls were stone and wood, and the floor was worn wood, as well. There was a worn, almost colorless rug on the floor next to a bed, of the same wood.

It was a canopy bed, a double I think. It had a little carving on the headboard of something, Iím not sure, it could be a little heart or flower with some little vines. The footboard was too short for a carving. It had white or off-white linens, and the bed was neatly made.

There were two little end tables on either side of the bed. The left table was right against the wall, then the bed, then the right table. At the foot of the bed was a little chest of drawers.

On the bed, I remember now, there was something that was obviously meant for me to wear. It was a lace nightgown sort of thing, the type Iím attracted to in this life. I put it on immediately, enthralled with it, like I would do now. I didnít understand itís implications at that moment.

The room was small, not much beyond that right nightside table. I remember hearing someone at the door after Iíd dressed in the nighty, and it was either the priest or another higher up male sort of person. I knew they had brought me here because of what I am, an angelic.

He pushed me to the bed, and I remember him catching my wrists above my head. Then I woke up, which is good because the rest would be inapropriate.

I remember the whole time the sense of air coming through the screen when I was close to my locked door, like there was a long hall, or an open screen door into a large space nearby. I remember hearing some voices in the church itself, like in the pews, like maybe a service went on while I explored the room.

I am sure that this capture was because I was an Angelic in that life, as well as this one. It was like I was there as a item of adornment for the church, though I donít really remember seeing myself as I was.

Unknown Place - Unknown Time

his is just a snatch of memory.

Iím standing in a wheat field in the sun, face turned to the sun. The field is golden, deeply golden, and the sun is setting and nicely warm. Itíll be a cool night, but for now things are warm. The earth seems to be sort of brown-ish red, like clay.

I have a sense of a warm feeling inside as well, and something like a chord of music, a wonderful warm chord playing in me.
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PostSubject: Re: Some of my past life memories   Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:35 pm

Wow, very well done, and very nicely written too. I understand they're all fragments, but generally past life memories just come as fragments to us until we're able to communicate with the universe to receive messages on what they truly mean.

Oh, and about the arctic one, this could have been anywhere hun, possibly during the ice age, and so maybe not even in what is now the arctic, and they have proven that the arctic did make a drastic shift at one point when the Earth was moved off its axis. Darn, I cannot find the link I want, but here is an article on the phenomenon or possibility of pole shifts either now or into the future. It has been suspected that this has happened in the past, and caused an ice age on Earth.


And I shall share some of my memories as well, at least I didn't have to go first. Embarassed

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PostSubject: Re: Some of my past life memories   Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:55 am

Some of the memories here I came to on my own, and some I came to with the help of another person.

I wish that I could have had more time to talk to the person who gave me this information, but I didn't have the chance. When I was on a road trip with my friend a few years ago to BC, we stopped to stay with her aunt, who is a professional spiritual coach or something like that. We were only there for one evening but all the same...

She did the reading, as it were, and it was a bit surprising for both of us. At the time I had no ideas about myself and only a strong belief in various paranormal phenomenon, none of the otherkin stuff had come to mind yet, anything like that. As she did the reading she said she was really surprised when she "looked" at me, that she'd never seen anything like me; she used the term "angel" (and that threw me off for awhile, because it had me thinking that I was an angel as she saw me, but I don't think so. I think that's how SHE sees 'em, but that it's not necessarily true).

Anyway, she said she poke with my guides and at first I was admittedly sceptical, but she knew a lot of things about me that she couldn't possibly know, and in the end I was sold.

I meditated and thought a bit on what she said over the last while, both immediately after her reading and then in the time since, and for some memories I'm finding what seem to be images to match them, but they are not as clear as the really long one I posted, which I had in a dream. It stood out SO MUCH from any other dream I've ever had and I kept it on the backburner for awhile... I eventually felt that it was appropriate to regard it as a past life memory.

Anyway, just some more info Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Some of my past life memories   

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Some of my past life memories
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