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 Reoccuring Dream - Werewolf

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Female Number of posts : 79
Location : U.K

PostSubject: Reoccuring Dream - Werewolf   Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:29 pm

Hi Huns, I'd like to share a dream that's been puzzling me more and more because it seems to be reoccurring every so often!

I'll write it as if I am living it now. scratch

I'm in a library of sorts with wood columns of shelves and desks and it's dark. The room is dark (and the dream is dark in general too) and I can't see much but there is some illumination from outside lights. My mother is here too with me and all of a sudden me and several other people in the library see a big werewolf walking upright on it's back legs.

It's searching for something or someone and is an actual animal werewolf-not human like at all. We are all afraid and begin trying to run from it but we know we can't leave the room we are in(which is supposed to be a library of sorts). It's almost like a game where the big werewolf already knows who he is going to take to die. It's about dying, not killing. No blood or anything. this is more like a reaper. it wears a black cloak and looks calm as it walks round and round trying to get hold of us to die or to take away to die.

I just know it's about dying and it wants me. I am so terrified. I keep running and hiding under the tables and at one point it goes to grab my mother and I see it's claws reaching over my thigh. I tell it to stop and leave my mum and not to take her. I tell it that I accept it wants to take me and it's my time and I just don't want it to touch me. It doesn't and backs off a little and then all of a sudden it begins to look soft in it's features and even looks a lil human on the face and then me, my mum and a few others are still hiding under the table but sitting up and the werewolf sits down cos I want to ask it some questions.

I don't recall what I asked. But after this I called over a girl who looked afraid and told her to join us in our discussion. I woke up then! I'm also having dreams with my mother in them and some are not good...

Freakyness! Any Ideas you Second Sighters You!


Much warmth to you all Very Happy
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Number of posts : 12
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: Reoccuring Dream - Werewolf   Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:19 pm

This is an interesting dream, because although you describe it as "reoccurring", it doesn't play out as most repeating dreams generally do (which is typically quite unsavory). On the contrary, you appear to be resolving the anxiety trigger that first ignites this nightmare near the conclusion of your dreaming-state, but for whatever reason, you may still be harboring the original anxiety once you awaken, even though you are facing your fear directly in the dream itself, which is fantastic. It all makes me believe that this may be one of those situations where your brain needs to revisit this sort of imagery a few times during your life before it can come to terms with the realizations you experience in the dream you described.

In other words, your subconscious mind (and probably your conscious mind) is currently dealing with the concepts of death and mortality (and probably will for some time, which is normal for any human being), and simply might need to revisit these morbid ideas occasionally in order to better learn how to cope with the concept. It's a common "right of passage" dream-type for many individuals, much like the dreams adolescents have about going to school naked, or having all their teeth fall out.

At it's very core, this is a dream based on the fear of the unknown, primarily, the primal human fear of death. Your dream experiments with many aspects of mortality, including the fear of personal death, the fear of watching strangers die, and the fear of watching a loved one die. The werewolf is simply a symbol of the unknown bringer of one's mortality, and may even be representative of a current waking situation that may be threatening the health of you or those you care for, like an illness. But it doesn't seem to be a typical display of that particular anxiety.

It is extremely promising that you are facing this fear head on in your dream at the end. In fact, you sit this creature down and start asking in questions! YOU gained control of the situation, and I believe that you will be able to find resolution with these frightening ideas with an eventual sense of understanding and peace.

I do wish you the very best, and thank you for sharing your dream!
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Female Number of posts : 79
Location : U.K

PostSubject: Re: Reoccuring Dream - Werewolf   Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:53 pm

Thank you for your reply Loh. You're very good at this Smile

It does make a lot of sense. Looking back on it and seeing how it's come to pass makes sense to me. I am still facing certain things and trying to overcome them and accept them. My fears are as you say. It was a amazing dream which luckily I haven't had since so maybe it's a good sign thus far eh Smile

Warm Hugs Darl
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PostSubject: Re: Reoccuring Dream - Werewolf   

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Reoccuring Dream - Werewolf
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